Saturday, February 28, 2015

Texas Fam and Friends

We usually visit Austin a couple times a year to see our son, DIL, and two grandsons, so with QuiltCon in Austin, the whole trip was especially nice because we could visit and stay with family. What I didn't expect that it was difficult to divide my time between family and QuiltCon! Guilt when away from family, and wondering what I was missing out on when I wasn't at QuiltCon!

One of the most fun times with family was giving Austin his Star Wars quilt. He and his mom both loved it.

The glow-in-the-dark feature of the fabrics "worked" really well!

Austin is a lot like his dad as a kid, spending hours playing with Legos. Austin has a nice set-up in his bedroom that little brother LJ can't get to.

Austin, playing while waiting for a table at Salt Lick

You might not believe me when I tell you that LJ, at nearly 14 months, is very opinionated! 

LJ, and our sweet DIL, Lyn
On Saturday (I didn't attend QuiltCon that day), we drove to Blanco, Texas, for an arranged meeting at a restaurant with long-time Iowa friends we hadn't seen for at least 15 years. Greg and Patti moved permanently to Texas last year where they are enjoying retirement near their two sons and families. 
Greg, Patti, me, Dan - Now
Greg (left) and Dan were close friends who attended and graduated in 1970 from Mason City High School (Iowa) high school. 

Greg and Patti, in about 1972 - Mason City, Iowa - Then
I came to know Greg and Patti through Dan, and we were in their 1973 wedding. Patti and I were both pregnant with our firsts at Christmas, 1975. Blaming our conditions on our spouses, we pointed accusing fingers at them. 

Oh, my bouncing hair!

This year, their Jason and our Jill will be 39 years old! 

All in all, this was a very exiting trip to Texas. What with QuiltCon, spending time with family, meeting up with old friends, topped by a first time meet-up with Karen in Pensacola as we were on our way home, that one week was packed with fun! And completely heart-warming. Linda


  1. What a blessing that you could combine a family/friends visit with Quilt Con. The quilt fits the bed so nicely, and I be he's the only kid on the block with a glow-in-the-dark bed covering!

  2. I love when trips come together to well. And how fun to spend time with old friends, there is something so special about those memories and hugs. And the quilt is so cool. It's my sil in our family who is the Star Wars geek. My daughter just keeps saying NO to a quilt for their bed.😂😂😂

  3. Sounds delightful in every way!

  4. Oh I remember those maternity dresses! :) blessings, marlene

  5. Your grandies certainly should take precedent over quilter but I'm so glad you made time for us too. What fun old pictures to share . . . love the hair.

  6. It's great you've remained friends after all this time. Those are the special ones.
    Love the pics of you years ago - height of fashion at the time I bet!

  7. What great pics of you in the 'distant past'! Austin's quilt looks fabulous on the bed too!

  8. Cute photos, especially the vintage ones. :) I love the glow in the dark fabric idea!!

  9. Cute photos, especially the vintage ones. :) I love the glow in the dark fabric idea!!

  10. Precious pictures of the grandies. They grow up so darned fast. Austin's Star Wars quilt looks right at home! Enjoyed seeing your blast from the past pictures. You haven't changed much!

  11. Wow, Jill looks so much like you as a young woman!! Cute hair, btw!

  12. Neat Star Wars quilt! Those photos sure brought back memories of maternity fashions, lol.

  13. And my first son was born in 1975, too! Fun to see these pictures and think of us doing the same thing at the same time (I think your hair is great in the 70s). Great quilt for Austin--and how fun you were in the town of the same name, too!


  14. I loved these pictures. I could have joined in as I was pregnant with my first Christmas of 1975. Love the hair Linda 😊


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