Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Random Teaching, Selling, Making

On the go...quilt-teaching, quilt-sharing, and quilt-making have kept me away from home more often than at home. Add a recent round of doctor appointments: breast cancer check-up (all is well); and a continuing problem with PAD and plaque blockage(s) in my femoral arteries that the doc just called "critical," and voilá, the days are filled.

Five weeks of beginner quiltmaking lessons concluding Monday afternoon. Of the 41 students in two classes, 31 of them stuck it out to the end. I'm so proud of what these women accomplished, some of whom had never used a sewing machine, or hadn't since high school. In spite of set-backs due to mechanical problems with a machine, or missing a class due to illness, their enthusiasm and excitement about what they accomplished shone through.

During those five weeks, no fewer than three students ended up buying a new sewing machine because of failure, or an old or inadequate sewing machine! One quilter announced that she could top the three new machine purchases... she's having an addition put on her house so one of the current bedrooms will become her sewing studio with built-ins and a design wall! Now that's a gal who has latched onto quilting!

23" X 33"
Last Tuesday I learned that of the 20 quilts (mostly wall hangings) I put into the Boutique at the local quilt show, three sold. I only have pictures now of these that I free motion quilted myself...
51" X 51" 
46" X 54"
The remaining 17 and more quilts are tucked into a storage drawer and pillowcases stacked in the top of the closet.
If you happen to be subscriber, or are at Joann Fabrics, one of my articles is on page 82 of the March issue of American Quilter magazine. I wrote the piece about 14 months ago based on house-sized "barn quilts" made by Sarah Zimmerman.

This article was conceived in 2013 when friend Carla of Lollyquiltz received a wooden barn quilt from Sarah. Carla was so pleased with hers that she suggested that I write an article about Sarah's wood quilts.... so I did!

(Note my cute new Jamberry Nails.)

The article includes a tutorial for making your own 24" square plywood house or shed-sized wood quilt. Sarah blogs here, and you can see more of her wood quilts at

By the way, this is my last magazine article in AQ's pipeline, so if you have any story ideas you'd like to see in print, let me know!

Last weekend I finish piecing Metro Waves, a design put together differently than you might think from looking at the picture.

In these close-up photos, you can see that it's sewn of pieced rectangle-shaped blocks.

Half of all the arches are actually pieced!

In spite of all the time spent piecing, I love it, and am pleased with the colors that are simply "me." Sew Kind of Wonderful called Metro Waves one of it's three "beginner" level Quick Curve Ruler patterns, but I'll say I found it much more enjoyable to sew Urban Abacus. I have yet to sew the third beginner design, Deco Tumbler.

For me, a quilt isn't truly finished until it has a label. So, using my favorite Printed Treasures, I made one for Austin's quilt that I finished in December. The Halloween picture of him as Darth Vader is too precious, so I had to be sure to include that.

You can see that I sewed fabric along the edges of the Printed Treasures fabric. Now I just need to hand sew it to the quilt.

I also returned to my quilting machine for a little of this. From the back, you're seeing one of four appliquéd blocks in this 60" square, Kaffe Fasset fabric quilt. I've been dragging my feet about quilting it because of all the thread tails that need to be buried. Quilting with a shimmery Marathon thread (on the front) makes it a little bit more fun.

Our sweet 11 year-old Hogan is recovering from an infection on his tail. At first he chewed the spot when we left him alone, but after a course of both oral and ointment antibiotics, and six days of one of us being with him at all times to ensure he left it alone, he's nearly healed.

When Hogan is with me in my sewing room, if he's not sleeping, he likes to keep track of people passing by, either on foot or in golf carts - he ignores the cars. His low throat rumble, or bark means he's watching out for my well-being. It's nice to have such a good friend. 



  1. A full and busy post. I know you're proud of your students. Your Metro Waves turned out really well. It is "so you"!

  2. That is a lot of students for 2 classes. Too bad you had some that didn't make it through. They must keep you hopping! I can tell they loved it by their happy smiles. Love your wavy quilt as well.

  3. You are a busy lady! The Metro Waves is great and totally in your colors!
    The machine quilting looks good I am a firm believer to wait and quilt it when it feels right and not rush it.
    I don't know if this is something you know about but I would love to know how to make a quilt pattern into a PDF.....

  4. Love the Metro Waves! Hogan is so cute, but where's his face? :) Poor guy - I know hot spots are very itchy and uncomfortable.

  5. Love the Metro Waves! Hogan is so cute, but where's his face? :) Poor guy - I know hot spots are very itchy and uncomfortable.

  6. On my travels around NC I am on the lookout for barn blocks.
    Love your wave quilt.

  7. Love to see those new quilter and their projects- so encouraging. Metro Waves looks wonderful. Just got my issue of the magazine so will look through it this weekend. Good luck to Hogan. Good news on part of your health check up!

  8. Sew much going on! We are so opposite. Congrats on you magazine article. I have a small shed shaped like a barn. Last summer I fixed it all up and while I'm in Tx will make a plywood quilt block to put over the door. It'll be so cute. See you soon!

  9. Your Metro Waves quilt is beautiful! We all have our "signature" colour combos, and yours is certainly a happy one. I hope those new quilt makers go on to enjoy quilt making as much as our ladies do since your time with us in 2009. Good to have an update on Hogan. Could you put a plastic 'Elizabethan collar' on him if this happens again? That's what vets recommend here, and it stops them irritating the hot spot more. So pleased he's more comfortable now, and doing his duty :-)

  10. I do like your Metro Waves but I can't see how you pieced it. My eyes need to be checked, I know, but don't see any triangles. lol Congrats on all your ladies completing their quilting classes with you. I know they learned a lot from such a good teacher. Very cute label.

  11. Linda, Congratulations on selling some of your quilts! I still can remember when you once told me that there aren't customers who want to buy a quilt and now??? :-)

  12. Hi Linda I love Your Metro Wave's it is so bright and sunny. I am happy that you are loving teaching and all the fun things that you do, but worried about your health problem and hope they have a solution for you.
    Blessings Sandra

  13. I love the colors in your Metro Waves quilt too. And I really want to make a barn quilt for the side of my house, maybe this coming summer, but I haven't told hubby yet. :)

  14. Wow...lots going on with you Linda. I like Printed Treasures for labels too but, duh, hadn't thought of sashing them with fabric. I love the idea of doing that! And how nice to add that many more quilters to our number. :) blessings, marlene

  15. Aren't you so tickled to have had a big hand in adding more quilters to the rolls in Florida! Your classes are certainly popular! The Quick Curve Ruler looks like fun to use....I really must get myself one and try it!

  16. I feel like I've just had a good visit with an old friend after reading your post, catching up on all your news and partaking in your life. As a fellow teacher, I share your pride in the accomplishments of all your quilters in your classes. Such great success for both them and for you, shepherding and guiding them along. We can always use more quilters in our universe!

    I know what you mean about life filling up. I just wish mine were filling up with beautiful quilting like what you are doing on your Kaffe flowers quilt, instead of grading essays (some good, some not-so-good). I have made a determination, though, as to when I will retire and just knowing the date makes me feel better about things.

    Can't wait to meet you next week!



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