Thursday, February 26, 2015

QuiltCon 2015: Post Two

These are QuiltCon statistics shared at the awards ceremony Thursday morning: 

1350 quilts were entered in the show; 359 were accepted
Attendees came from 48 states - no quilters from North Dakota or Wyoming
Attendees came from 6 countries - two quilters traveled 3000 miles, from India
The largest number of QuiltCon chapter attendees were from the Austin MQG

QuiltCon isn't only about quilts, it's about people. And since socializing is right up my alley, it was easy to engage in conversation with lots of quilters. What surprised me most was strangers who saw my name badge and exclaimed, "Oh! You're Flourishing Palms! I follow your blog!" Or "I follow you on Instagram!" Hugging everyone became the norm!

There was Chris of New York City, the_tattooed_quilter

Mary Ann of MAQuilts and Monica of ButtonCounter from Austin. I expect to see them again, whenever we visit Austin. 

Karen from California, CapitolaQuilter
Karen of CapitolaQuilter, California

KathleenQuilts from Canada, a longarm quilter whose amazing quilting I admire. Check out that cute aqua hair!

Below: René (on the left) who lives in Orlando and is founder of the Orlando MQG, and I met for the first time at QuiltCon. We kept meaning to get together, over the past 2-1/2 years since I moved to Florida, but never made it happen.

Shruti (middle) of 13WoodhouseRoad and I met at the awards ceremony. She's one of the two quilters who traveled from India. Shruti is a Bernina ambassador in her country. 

Mid-Century Modern Bee'ers met-up again. L-R: René; me; Anne; and Cindy. Great quilters, and even better friends.

Mid-Century Modern Bee-ers at the Moda party.
L-R: me; Elizabeth; Elizabeth; Anne; and Cindy

By the way, this is how some quilters at the Moda Party returned to their motels! It's called a pedi-cab.

At the show, in the vendor area, you could ride this sewing machine in the StitchLab booth. Yee haw!

Lora and I hung out with Florida girl, Vanessa of CraftyGemini. She's uber-talented and fun to be around... if you don't mind waiting while her adoring fans demand pictures with her! Check out Vanessa's latest video with Jenny Doan of Missouri Quilt Company

And in no particular order are pictures of more modern quilts...
Pantone's 2013 color of the year, Emerald, by Alys Gagnon
"Infinite Whispers" by Jennifer Chon, SunnyinCal
"Spiraling Out of Control" by Christa Watson, ChristaQuilts, of Las Vegas
I saw this quilt hanging in the AQS Paducah show last spring... and got the chance to interview Christa about it!
"Pixelated Pinwheels," a Do.Good.Stitches bee quilt from New Hampshire
"Tidy Town" by Andrew Steinbrenner, Ohio

"The White Quilt" by Shannon Page, Dallas, Texas
by Canadian, Marianne Haak
"Bauble" by Emily Cier; quilted by Angela Walters
"The Definition of a Stitch" by Australian, Sarah Fielke
"Geometric Circles" by Nicole Daksiewicz, ModernHandcraft, Chicago
"Balancing Act" by Amanda Hahnstreiter
A Judge's Choice winner by Emily Coffey, North Carolina
"Flame" by Rebecca Bryan, BryanHouseQuilts, Wildwood, Missouri
"Sherlock" (Benedict Cumberbatch) by Kristy Daum
I didn't take any classes, but the room set-ups looked fabulous! This one was full of 750 Berninas!

Peeked into this classroom and saw both Jacquie Gering and Lee Heinrichs teaching. 

More tomorrow! Linda


  1. Fun, fun,fun! Right up your alley!

  2. Thanks for all the,pics. Sounds like you had a fab time. I know a lot of Aussies did too.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful! So much fun to put faces and blogs together. Enjoyed all the quilt photos- Infinite Whispers is a perfect title for a quilt that I would come back and look at again and again. And the stitch definition quilt- terrific.

  4. Fabulous pics and so thankful you are sharing with us!

  5. Another great post Linda. Haven't gotten a chance to sort my quilt photos yet so it's nice to see yours.

  6. Awesome! What a fun time you had making quilty memories

  7. Another great post. I noticed in both of your posts there are quilt entries from our area, Rebecca Bryan,Wildwood, MO. and Kristy Daum (President of the St.Louis MQG.) I've met Kristy before, but have never heard about Rebecca. Will have to find out who she is. You look so cute riding that sewing machine!

  8. Thanks for sharing your Quiltcon experiences! I don't remember seeing "Balancing Act' before- its a beauty!

  9. What no quilters from North Dakota or Wyoming? We will have to work at remedying that in the coming years. Thanks for all the quilt photos,they are super.

  10. Another fun QuiltCon post Linda! As I mentioned before, it was awesome to meet you in person!!! We will definitely have to make getting together a priority and not wait until QuiltCon ;-)))

  11. What fun! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see more.

  12. Well I think you had way to much fun!

  13. It would have been so exciting to meet all those IG friends in real life! What a fun 4 days you had, and I'm so glad you shared it with us. At least I can now put faces to some of the quilters I follow (and who follow me) :-)

  14. I have to admit to feeling jealous about your girls getting to meet at QuiltCon! Today I had a happy surprise in the mail....a package with QuiltCon buttons and a pincushion made by Anne...all from that sweet Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing your photos...especially sewingmachine bronc riding!

  15. You found some quilts that I hadn't seen! Love this post, too. So glad to have meet you in real life.



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