Thursday, February 13, 2014

Really? Random Thursday

Okay. So this post isn't so "really" random, 'cause I always end up posting about quilting (comes from having grandchildren too far away), but here goes.

How can it be Thursday again, already?! It's been another week of on-the-go activities, but I'm lovin' what I'm doing - presenting, teaching, sewing, writing. Being in tip-top health now, and once again with wide-open arteries pumping blood to my legs... well, it's pure joy to line dance three times a week. I'm smiling my way through all the dances!

Monday evening found me, along with blog-friend Lora, giving our "What is Modern Quilting?" to 70 quilters at Tree City Quilters in Gainesville - about 80 minutes from my home.

Following our presentation, we had a little trunk show. I won't bore you with pictures of all the modern quilts I've made and shown on this blog in the past few years, but here are a few. This quilt is being shown sideways!

Wibble-Wobble, my own design
I sure look like I know what I'm talking about, don't I?! Contemplative, I'd say.
foundation paper-pieced Circle of Geese
Teaching is going very well, and I'm seeing that students have had fun choosing fabrics and starting to sew their quilts. There will definitely be a group photo, with quilts, taken at the last class which is in two more weeks.

We've had quite a bit of rain lately, so I've been in my sewing room. Last weekend I free motion quilted. Here's a peep.

Continuing with improv piecing, I've enlarged several rectangles for my Radiant Orchid Challenge quilt. The parts and pieces are on the design wall, ready to be pieced into a quilt top - probably a wall hanging.

Some happy news... I've been invited to Paducah, Kentucky, expenses paid, from April 22-26 for the AQS QuiltWeek, April 22-25. I'll have a job there - to interview the winning quilters, and write about their quilts! Yes, it's work, but somebody's gotta do it... for the July issue of American Quilter magazine. The last time I attended the Paducah AQS show was in 2005 when my Swiss friend Edith visited me in Iowa and we drove to Paducah together. I'm very excited about returning! Are you going to Paducah?

And, what do you think of the Sochi Olympics design, and the athletes' clothing? Aren't the colors eye-catching? Makes me want to start another quilt!

In case you'd like to know how the design evolved, here's an online explanation of the interesting story.

If you like randomness, there's more on  Cindy's blog. She has way more variety, than all the quilt-y stuff I've presented!  Stop by and say hi. Linda


  1. How exciting about Paducah! Congrats on a fun "job"!
    And hey I'd love to see more of your Modern Quilts. The trunk show looks fantastic :-)

  2. Hey! Congrats on your trip. Yes, you do know what you're talking about : )

  3. Great news about your assignment in Paducah. And I can just see you smiling through all that dancing! I need a grandchild or two too!

  4. That's wonderful news about the Paducah job. Congratulations, Linda! Glad you were able to educate some more quilters about the Modern Movement. It's so much fun, and thanks for the link to the story about the Sochi Olympics. I love the design. Glad you are well.

  5. So glad life is good and that the program went well.

  6. You go girl! I made the trip to Paducah back in 1989, shortly after learning how to sew/quilt! What an amazing sensory overload! Have a ball!

  7. I really wish I could come to one of your classes and see your fabulous quilts "in the flesh"!!! I just adore your quilts, your colour choices and of course your quilting. Wow, congratulation on your "invitation" to the AQS QuiltWeek in Paducah. Yes, you are right, someone has to do it ;)!!!

  8. Hey,if you find out that that Olympic print ever becomes available in quilters cotton be sure and let us know. Wow.

  9. Congratulations on your invitation to "work" at Paducah. What a lovely challenge. Glad the quilt lessons and Modern Quilting talks are going well.

  10. Congratulations on your assignment at Paducah! I have submitted a quilt and am anxiously waiting to hear if it was selected. I know my chances are slim, but a girl can hope.

  11. Glad you got to take your Modern Quilt show on the road again! And that you're feeling so well. Radiant Orchid is looking very appealing... like a wild orchid!

  12. Hi Linda, my friend the rising star so well deserved.
    My hubby took me to Paducah in 2008 and it was so wonderful. We really enjoyed the whole buzz which I could be there this year to see you. I don't imagine you will come to Canada for our big quilt show.LOL.
    I will have to make a note to pick up the magazine you are writing in. I use to get several of them but they just got so expensive.
    Congrats on all of your achievements . Blessings Sandra

  13. Hey!! Super fun about Paducah. :D Mostly, I'm very happy to hear how happy your legs are!

  14. So fun to see you in action, just add some audio next time!

  15. I really like your design and the name Wiibble Wobble. So fun. Also, congrats on going to Paducah. Have fun.

  16. Wow...Paducah! I haven't been in years but keep hoping I'll get back there. I love Paducah, and Houston too, but I spend way too much money! blessings, marlene

  17. Linda, now I know why you wanted to know the year when we visited Paducah together. Congratulations on your job. Wow, would love to join you! It sure sounds fun what you are doing and I'm so glad for you that you are feeling healthy again and that your legs are well.

  18. How exciting about Paducah! I have always wanted to go there. In fact, years ago, I had thoughts of trying to become a certified quilt appraiser and I think the classes were held there. I'm SO happy that you are feeling in tip-top health and I really wish I could hear your presentation and see your trunk show! Someday...



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