Thursday, February 6, 2014

Really Random Thursday

Much has been going on lately, but it seems not much is happening! How can that be?!

A little freelance work has occupied my time as I continue to write for American Quilter magazine. One of my articles is in the March issue. 

Last week I was flattered to be contacted about doing the technical editing on a quilting book. I gave the 112-page project consideration, even putting four hours of work into it, and then decided it wasn't fun! LOL Really. It would have been great to have that kind of job opportunity about five years ago, when I wasn't living a retired lifestyle, but now...

I've begun teaching beginner quiltmaking again. Now that's fun! I've got two, five week-long classes of 20 students, so I'm teaching every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. As I've come to expect, students are more than willing to learn, and I always enjoy seeing how everyone chooses fabrics to interpret their five pattern options. Yep, I now give students five different 36" X 48" patterns. The newest design is one that's more modern. (It's not in this picture.)

I'm proud to say that I'm now a card-carrying member of the Modern Quilt Guild! That pin is just adorable. So far, our Central Florida MQG is opting not to join national, but several of us have joined individually. Now I won't miss out on any of the fun of challenges, or opportunities to attend a Sew-Down or QuiltCon 2015.

What I've been trying to do in my sewing room is this - a quilt for the 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge being hosted by Anne at Play-Crafts. Boy, does this gal have an understanding of color! Anyway, I ordered a Radiant Orchid color bundle from Intrepid Thread because I had only one stash piece of this color. Obviously, the color isn't one I'm attracted to, but I'm learning that it's good to work outside my comfort zone, because I'm also pushing myself to improv piece... a technique also outside my comfort zone. 

I'm finding improv results in quite a bit of trimming. 

But I'm sorta liking the result, though I'm not sure where it's headed. I guess that's typical of improv.

This week I also made a 15-1/2" X 15-1/2" improv block as a sample for workshop I anticipate co-presenting (with Lora of DragonflyQuiltworks) on June 4, for Quilting Guild of The Villages. We're giving our "What is Modern Quilting?" program to QGOTV guild on June 3. If you're in the area, mark your calendar and come! I sure love how this improv block goes together. Everything works!

Next Monday evening, Lora and are taking our "What is Modern Quilting?" program on the road to Tree City Quilters, a traditional guild in Gainesville. If I do say so myself, we've come up with a presentation that does a thorough job of explaining modern quilting, even showing side-by-side pictures of traditional quilt designs done up modern. 

These days I'm frequently on Instagram, where I like keeping up with the latest fabrics and projects by trend-setting quilters. Not just a few of them have lately been lamenting the cold weather and copious amounts of snow - and snow shoveling - that they're experiencing.

Our daughter sent a photo of our Kansas grandies bundled up to head outdoors for some snow-shoveling. Tay's expression is something else. When I inquired about it, I learned that it's his tough-guy "Let's go kick the snow's bum!" face. 

One of several of my favorite Instagrammers (Lollyquiltz) shared a snowy picture of... "My view from the front door." She invited the rest of us to do the same. Here's the picture I shared. To heck with snow! Our palms are thriving! 

And how is it in your neck of the woods? Linda


  1. My head is spinning, thinking about all the projects and ventures you are involved in! Those purple and orange improv blocks look incredible! We do't have snow, of course, but our grass isn't green either! (Somehow I missed the IG callout for 'out my front door' photos!)

  2. We have rain today!! And more forecasted. I'm so excited. Perfect sewing weather so I need to hurry up and finish my work for the day. I'm seriously thinking of joining MQG as an individual as well. Then we could pretend we are in the same guild, right? Also thinking I should get that radiant orchid bundle too. I like where your challenge quilt is going...

  3. Got past Monday's 9 inches of snow and yesterdays Ice storm. The huge number of broken trees is ever so sad. Love all of your adventures. Looking forward to someday taking a seat in some of your presentations.

  4. Wow Linda you have been busy!
    Can't wait to the March issue of AQM.
    It's hard to do improve isn't it! I really love it tho and find it's freeing up my attitude.
    When are you coming back to Oz - I'd love to do a free motion class with you.

  5. I was just reading your article earlier tonight! Congrats on being published in the magazine.

    8 inches of snow and bitterly cold wind chills here. Haven't left the house since Monday evening and don't plan to till the temps get above freezing!

  6. Your in high demand now : ) Sounds like you are having fun. Blessings,

  7. You have so much energy, Linda! You are an inspiration to all of us!!

  8. nice work on the improv blocks. I have alot of scraps - maybe I will try making one.

  9. Congrats on your article in AQS mag. I received the latest one where you talked about your acrylic drawing tip. I've been doing that too ever since I decided to quilt my own. I'm tired from just reading all that you are doing these days. Glad to see you are enjoying yourself. We have -9 temps. today and more snow on the way after 6 inches earlier in the week. Good sleeping weather!

  10. We have about 15" of snow and it is so cold I would rather be in Florida with you taking your classes and learning so much. I love your improv and I am a big orchid-purple fan. You are such a busy lady and I am so happy you are feeling well. Looking forward to seeing your next projects. I am trying to make a quilt for my hubby and using The Swoon Quilt pattern in blues and reds and background is white. It is just one block and I thought it would be easy but the rotary cutting is really getting difficult for my arthritic hands. Your yard is looking lovely especially without snow. Blessings Sandra

  11. Busy Busy. I'd love to attend your presentation on modern quilting. How about a blog post on the same topic. I sometimes am finding it harder and harder to define.

  12. Linda you stay a pretty busy girl!!!!

  13. I bet you are a wonderful teacher! I like that you are working outside your comfort zone with different colors. I now find I like yellow, I never used to....
    We just got our power back after 4 days without. Another storm is headed this way!

  14. Wow Linda, my head is spinning as I read about all that you have been doing. What an inspiration you are. Congratulations on all of the honors the quilting world is bestowing upon you. Had hoped to see you at the Central Florida Modern meeting then learned you were presenting to another group. Perhaps next month or out and about in the Villages. Oh, and the view from our front door: back home it's lots and lots of snow and here at our second home: flourishing palms too.

  15. You're amazing, Linda - its so wonderful to see you happy in your space in this need to do what doesn't being joy! How empowering!
    Congrats on the new little grandson, too!
    Hugs from the other tropics,

  16. Here in South Australia we seemed to have had a really short intense summer. It only started getting consistently warm about Christmas, then got stinking hot repeatedly for about a month, then broke with a huge rain storm last week. Since then things have very autumnal with cool mornings, sunshine and light breezes. Hope it stays that way!


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