Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Away a While

If you've noticed that it's been a while since I posted, you're right. I was away for three weeks. On November 12 I flew to Kansas City to take care of and visit three of our grandies. Hubby joined me in KC, by car, and the we then drove to Austin, Texas for Thanksgiving. We returned home December 2.

You must forgive a little Nana indulgence as I post family pictures. While I like to blog, mostly to share quilt-y stuff, I occasionally like to put up a little personal news. That's so everything's included in the blog book I have printed each year. I've done this for several years now and look at it as sort of a diary - one that I hope my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will someday appreciate. I have my blog posts printed through Blog2Print.

So... the Kansas City Legoland saw me two days in a row, as I first took the 4 year-old grandson, and then the 3 year-old grandson. Since I had also done Legoland previously in September, I would have saved money by buying a season pass!
Tay, age 4
Aesa, age 3
Our 15 year-old granddaughter had her day too. What a sweetie, and so nice to hang out with! Here we were at Granite City for dinner.
me and Celina
A visit to KC isn't complete without at least one stop at our nephew, Evan's, pet store - Olathe Pet Shop. He's always ready to take most of the animals out of their cages to let children touch - snakes, lizards, scorpion, rabbits, and even a silky-furred chinchilla. Our grandsons love visiting!
Tay and a snake
Dan drove to Kansas City to join me, and together we took the boys to Cabela's. That was an eye-opening, first-time treat for all of us.

Tay and Aesa
And every time I'm in KC, I don't miss at least one occasion to spend time with my dear friend, Carla. Guess what we do? Ha! Go fabric shopping! Tammy at Marmalade Fabrics let us come by to check out her newest-in fabrics. That's a stack of Carolyn Friedlander's Botanics in Tammy's arms, and Carla's holding bolts of Anna Maria Horner's True Colors.
Tammy, Carla, me

Our daughter has a framed glass hanging in the entryway of their home. On it, she writes (with a dry erase marker) any funnies the kids come up with, and takes a picture of the child who said it. I had several occasions to jot down cute things. The laugh-out-loud one was this, said while mom and dad were both away on business. 

Nana: "It's so nice and quiet this morning." (The two boys had previously been very rowdy, so I said this as positive reinforcement for playing quietly.)
Aesa: "It's because Mommy's not here." (Let me tell you... Daddy rubbed that one in!)

And in Austin, Texas...
From the patio deck of County Line on the Hill (restaurant). Great barbecue!
This is where we visited our recently-moved-from-Florida family.
Lyn, Austin, Brent
Austin, age 3-1/2
Dan, Austin, and Brent - three generations - on Mount Bonnell
In January, grandson #4 will arrive! More grandchildren means more traveling!

On a last personal note - hopefully the last medical concern for 2013! - I'm having a heart catheterization today, and stents put into both legs. After several months of testing (this is not related to my breast cancer drug, Arimidex), it's been determined that I have a 60 percent loss of blood flow in my left leg, and a 50 percent loss in my right. The docs are scratching their heads, because I have no risk factors for narrowing arteries in my legs. I have never smoked, don't have diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, I'm not overweight, and I'm active. Just another one of those "go figure" or "lucky me" medical diagnosis's, like breast cancer. There's no accounting for it.

My recovery is expected to take a week; in the meantime I expect to get to some sewing. So, my next post, for sure, will be about quilt-y stuff! Linda


  1. I'm happy for you to have spent such quality and fun time with your grandchildren. I am praying for you today and hope to hear from you about how you are doing very soon. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing everything you do -- quilt-related or not.

  2. Best of luck for your procedure Linda, with those new legs you might even take up running marathons.
    Lovely to see those family pics too.

  3. Celina is so like you! Lovely to see all the happy family snaps! Good luck with your procedure- chat soon!

  4. looks like you had loads of fun with all the family and friends.
    Praying all goes well.

  5. I always love seeing pictures of the grands! I'm not sure how Celina gets more and more beautiful but she has!

    Will be thinking about you today!

  6. Wondered where you were!! So glad you were having fun travels. Please keep us posted re: this latest health concern. Will be thinking of you! ~karen

  7. I did miss hearing from you, but I knew you were visiting in KC - just not how long. Looks like you had a fun time with the grands. My thoughts will be with you on your health front. The snow and ice is coming tomorrow here in MO, so I plan to do more sewing.

  8. Thinking about you....wish we were shopping instead of you having to recover from your run-in with a doctor!!

  9. It was fun to catch up with you and your family, I'm so glad you have had time with those growing babies, and of course beautiful Celina.
    I am sorry too for your health issue that has arisen, it sure takes courage to grow old. Hope all goes well, sweet Linda ~

  10. Loved seeing the pictures of your grand kids! Wow, you grand daughter is growing up fast; she's a young lady already. Good luck for today although I guess with the time difference, you should already be home again. And listen to the Drs and take it easy for a week ;)!!!

  11. The pics are great and your grandies are beautiful. Will be praying...

  12. Prayers going out that all goes smoothly for you. Your grandies are all soooo cute.

  13. Missed reading your regular posts these last couple of weeks. glad you were having a lovely time visiting family. Will be thinking of you over the next few days as you recover from your procedure.

  14. Have missed your smiling face in quilting and line dancing. So glad you were enjoying your family. I loved the post about your cousin who owns a pet shop. WOW...what an experience for kids and adults too! Hope your procedure goes well. You'll be in my thoughts.

  15. Great pictures of your family I enjoy seeing them. It lets us know more about you!
    I am sure you will be up and running around in no time. It is amazing how the body works, good and bad.
    I will send some prayers your way!

  16. so glad you had some fun family time recently before you had to go through another procedure - love all of the photos :)

  17. Hi Linda, glad to hear you had such a wonderful time with all those cute little boys. They are all at a fun age when they keep you laughing. I haven't been to Legoland yet but hope to get there soon with Jonah. My other one Konnor had his birthday party there.
    I am sorry to hear you are having a heart catheterization and will say a little prayer that all goes well. I wonder if it has anything to do with all the standing we do?
    Take care.hugs Sandra

  18. I love hearing about all your family things as well as quilt things. I think it makes a blog more real. It seems like a real persons life documented. You had a lovely three weeks away. Will you get to be with family again for Christmas?

  19. Goodness Linda - lots going on with you! Great family pictures....I can see the children growing up. :) I'm sorry about this latest medical alert but so, so grateful that they are able to catch and correct things like this. blessings, marlene



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