Monday, December 16, 2013

Color is Back!

My friend Carla's blog post about making her Suzy's Sack, prompted me to get mine sewn too.  I love it!

Though we're both experienced sewists, each of us had problems understanding the pattern instructions. It was especially difficult to follow how to sew the handle to the bag. I first sewed it on incorrectly.

While I understand how easy it is for a designer to know what she means, and not necessarily be adept at expressing it, it's critical to have someone else review instructions. Even better, have pattern testers.

Next time I make a Suzy's Sack, I'll follow my own written notes for putting it together more quickly.

Still, Suzy's Sack is a great design, and it turned out cute. Of course, I had to change mine up a bit and use a third fabric for the lining. This "blah" fabric is one of my favorites for bag lining because it's a light color - critical for finding stuff inside a bag - and it just makes me smile!

My Suzy's Sack will hold my ID, cell phone, and camera - perfect for taking to various recreational activities.

Last Friday I had an arterial procedure that has me on restricted activities. In advance I'd prepped a couple projects to do from the recliner.

This one-inch English paper-pieced (EPP) project has been in the works for several months. It's 14" X 14" now, and ready to be made into a pillow for gifting. I like EPP because it's portable. This particular piece has actually flown with me twice to Kansas City. On one flight, I used it to teach EPP to the quilter in the seat next to me!

Another very fun project was this ticker tape canvas, a tutorial by Amanda Jean of CrazyMomQuilts.

From Michael's I bought a sale-priced seven pack of 12" X 12" canvases. Then, armed with Mod Podge and a stiff bristle brush, I applied fabric scraps to canvas.

These two were so fun to make, taking about an hour each. As much as I'd like to gift them, I'm not sure the colors suit the homes of those to whom I'd like to give them. 

So, for the time being, they're mine. We don't have anything hanging in our master water closet, so these will likely be the perk of color those white walls need. Maybe even hanging like this.

As for the cath lab procedure last Friday, it was a big success. Who can't like a doc with a great bedside manner, who always greets me, "Hello young lady!" (He told me I'm his youngest patient with this condition.) Hubby got to watch from behind a plate of glass, where he received a play-by-play of what was happening.

What was thought to have been a 90 percent blockage of the femoral artery in my thigh turned out to be a 100 percent blockage! It frightens me to think of how much worse this might have been.

Can you tell from this photo of my ugly feet which thigh had an eight inch-long stent put in? And which leg remains to be done?

If you guessed that my left leg has a stent (7mm in diameter and 200mm long) and that blood is flowing through the arteries again, you're right! 

Not only does the left leg look rosy and full, but my foot is warm! My right foot, ankle, and calf remain cool, which an odd sensation when the warm leg touches the cool one.

My condition is called peripheral artery disease (PAD), so if you ever notice a burning sensation in your leg, don't make light of it. My left calf began burning, only when exercising, last May! It took until August to be referred to a cardio-vascular physician to begin the series of (five) tests to define the problem. My only risk factor for PAD is presumed to be genetic.

On January 6 I'll have the right leg "done." The doc says it's 70 percent blocked. I'm not looking forward to again spending eight hours at the cath lab, nor the deep leg aches that follow the procedure - all due to the unaccustomed flow of blood - but gosh, it will be wonderful to have a regular blood flow again. And I am exceptionally grateful that my heart is fine.

This post is titled "Color is Back!" because of the colorful EPP and ticker tape canvases. But it's definitely good to again have healthy color in one leg. Linda


  1. Those ticker tape canvases look fun!
    I'll be praying that the other leg procedure goes smoothly and with as little pain as possible. Yay for blood flow!

  2. One down and one to go and then it's back to doing what you want to do. I love the modge podge "paintings." I also like doing that with scrapbook paper. They will look great in your bathroom, especially hung on point.

    I am also getting into EPP again. As you said, it's so portable and fun to do. It seems like a person can get many done in a short period of time. I'll look forward to seeing how your progress. Take care.

  3. yikes, that was a scary situation. Glad you are in good hands and the other leg will "catch up" too. Your mod podge projects are really fun!

  4. So glad the first stent is in and healing.
    I'm also EPPing - making stars for a quilt top using 1 1/2 in diamonds. Never thought I'd like it, but it is fun. Learning via a book by Jessica Alexandrakis, "Quilting on the Go". I miss having you near to help teach :-)

  5. So glad that everything went well! You've been in my prayers and thoughts.

    I love color so ALL your projects and even your rosy foot look great to me!

  6. Amazing how quick that procedure takes effect. Terrific color in that foot.
    The ticker tape is so wonderfully bright. It will look great on the white wall. The little purse is ideal for those bare essentials.

  7. What an amazing difference between your legs/feet- not just in colour but in warmth too! So glad it has been a success! Suzy's Sack is very sweet and very functional too! And your mod podge project will be perfect on-point on that wall! I hope you are back at the sewing machine soon!

  8. Linda, I'm glad that so far your left leg and foot is feeling warm again. I also had to smile when I read about the new bag you made. You sure remember why I'm smiling, don't you?
    Get back to your health as quick as possible.

  9. Oh my that is scary to think it was blocked 100%!I am so glad it is over and feels better. Good luck with the next.
    Your ticker tape is so cool (and looks like fun to make)and I love that bag!

  10. I can't tell you how happy I am for you to finally have that nasty condition (half) fixed, Linda. It's been a trying year for you, to say the least, but I know you'll be out there boot scooting very soon in the new year. There'll be no holding you back! I love, love, LOVE all those colourful pieces you've been working on, and simply must try that little sack sometime - when I have lots of time to figure out the instructions ;-)

  11. So glad that color is back in your life!! You'll be good as new soon.

  12. Shall we volunteer to be her pattern testers?! I love the canvas idea....very cool!

  13. Oh, your poor feet and legs, I'm sorry for the pain and trouble, but it is good to hear you have some answers! I hope the hurting lessens from the surgery. What a difference in appearance, too.
    Oh, the canvas art looks fun! I just revisited the "ticker tape" with a few Christmas projects, I find great satisfaction in messin' with those mosaic tile pieces ~

  14. Scary to think what might have happened , but oh so good that you will be right again soon. Thank goodness for our skilled Doctors.
    Love your cute little bag, may have to give it a try. Your fabric canvasses look very bright and colourful on the white wall.

  15. So glad it went well for you Linda and pray the same for January's procedure. I love the look of your hexies. Such fun fabrics and colors. One of these days I'll just have to make some hexies myself.

  16. Hi Linda
    Happy your procedure went well and to see that rosy foot.
    Your bag is adorable in the new year I am going to try some small projects. Love your canvases they are so bright and modern on the white wall. Now you do what the Dr. tells you and work on hand work. I can't help but thing all the hours we sit at sewing machine might cause this?
    If I complain about leg pain my Dr. Blames everything on my FM and who knows. Blessings Sandra

  17. I'm so glad your procedure went well! And I love your canvases....very striking. blessings, marlene

  18. Hopefully next year will be a healthier one for you. Loving all the interesting things that you keep finding to share.

  19. I purchased the pattern but cannot get past the zipper instructions. I agree the instructions are written poorly. I love the bag and have four of them cut our ready to sew, but I am STUCK!! Need some help...I'm also having a hard time reading your re-write:) Could you post a little larger please? Thanks

  20. Hi Josephine! I appreciate the challenges you're facing! It would take considerable time for me to explain their mistakes and my notes are only that... notes; not instructions. I suggest you contact the pattern designer, Sherri, at and ask her to tell you how to make them. Even better, call her! 952-657-2231 It's likely that by now she has received enough complaints that instructions have been rewritten.


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