Thursday, December 12, 2013

Really Random Thursday

I managed a few more hours of sewing this week since being released from my "no sewing machine" restriction. I made these two 15-1/2" (unfinished) blocks for Mary in Ohio who blogs at MollyFlanders. Mary's our December "queen" of the Mid Century Modern Bee. She requested reproduction 30's-type prints contrasted with bone-colored and text prints. Hope she likes the blocks she'll be getting from me.

And my dear friend Carla continues to work on her delicious-looking, orange and hot pink Juicy Fruit quilt, one that began when she was the January queen of our Mid-Century Modern Bee. She's randomly including several Churn Dash blocks in another size, so I offered to help grow her quilt with this 12-1/2" (unfinished) block. Her quilt is going to be fabulous - something she routinely manages to achieve. Fabulous quilts, I mean.

In the hopes of being able to take better photographs of my own quilts, I recently bought a quilt display stand. It came from Pals Products in Hutchinson, Kansas. I spoke to owner, Gary, by phone, before deciding which components I wanted. 

Everything arrived in less than a week from the day I ordered it. I set it up and decided to take a picture of Bloom, a quilt that I've been unable to photograph previously because it's so big - 78" X 78".

You can see that the vertical poles are on a sturdy tri-pod base. Each of those three "toes" can be adjusted for optimum support.

Left: On top of each pole is a four-way connector. In essence that means that if you wanted to set up another quilt beside this one, you'd just need another vertical pole and top rail.

Right: Each of the vertical poles is height-adjustable. Just push on that thumb lever to raise or lower the pole to the next notch.

You can choose a rail that's meant for a quilt sleeve, or one that lets you hang a quilt with clips. I chose the clips. Since I didn't buy the Pals Products design wall fabric (I can easily do that at a later date), I'm thinking to try hanging a piece of flannel from the clips to see if that works. I know it won't have a firm back, but for teaching, it might be good enough.

You're probably thinking this sounds like a sales pitch, but it isn't. Gary probably doesn't even know I'm telling you about this. I just think it's a well-designed product, and hope it proves to be a good investment. You want to ask, so I'll tell you. It was $184, and that price includes a carry bag, and the cost for sending it via UPS.

Have you seen this? The 2014 Pantone color of the year? It's Radiant Orchid.

After seeing it, and thinking it looked familiar, I went back to a November 5, 2009 blog post where I put up this photo of a fabric I purchased when visiting Sydney, Australia. It's suspiciously similar to Radiant Orchid, isn't it?  

I specifically remember buying the fabric after seeing this tree, in Five Docks (a suburb of Sydney). This jacaranda tree inspired my fabric purchase. I've never seen a jacaranda since enjoying it in Australia. That country has such a wonderful variety of vegetation. 

Anyway, I was at first ambivalent about Radiant Orchid being the 2014 Pantone color - I was so sure the color would be some variation of navy blue - but it's growing on me. Anyone know which fabric company produces the Radiant Orchid color in a solid? 

No pictures to share about freelance writing, but I've been doing quite a bit of it for American Quilter magazine. At least three articles will be in print during 2014, and I have a couple more in the works. (Hint: Anyone know who Carolyn Friedlander is?!) It's interesting and fun to write about the latest up-and-coming people and activities happening in the quilting world.

It's just too bad that I can't be three people at once:
one who writes about quilting
one who teaches quilting
and, one who makes quilts.
Have you figured out what's my favorite thing to do? Here's a peep at the MQG Riley Blake challenge quilt that the "one who makes quilts" is working on. Free motion quilting is up next.

But FMQing won't happen until I get past another cath procedure recovery. Friday morning a stent is being put in one leg - not sure which! The doc said, "Right." His nurse said, "Left." I hope they get it figured out. Linda


  1. I love your "random" posts! I also was not sure about the new color, not much of a purple person, until I saw it(the color) out the window one early morning :) And my sister wrote a wonderful poem about Jacaranda(s) while living in Buenos Aires...but yours is the first photo I've seen of one...the poem becomes even better! (so chatty today!!sorry!)

  2. Linda, do you ever slow down? LOL I've been thinking of you ever since your first post about the stints.

    If you find that orchid color in a solid, let me know. I have a scrap of similiar color in a poly cotton purchased a really long time ago.

  3. I can't even begin to say how many of these random things make me happy. I want/need one of the hanging systems. I love Hutchinson, KS. Not sure how I feel about orchid being the color of the year. I would have been much happier with some variation of navy. Excited about all your writing adventures! And I'm super glad you are sewing again!

  4. I love the Pantone color of the year for 2014, of course I have many purples in my stash from past decades, so I'm sure there is one there JUST like this color. It's just a matter of finding. If only you could see my stash scattered all over the house (hiding in places you'd never expect).
    You definitely could use an assistant to help you more easily be all 3 people. But of course you are definitely handling it very well all by yourself. You are the Energizer Bunny!! Hope they agree on which leg gets the stint. Maybe you need to mark L and R on your legs, just in case they are uncertain.

  5. Love Jacaranda- in fact, I took a photo of one on my walk the other day! And your quilt stand is fabulous! Perhaps I could pop over and borrow it! I'm still undecided about "Radiant Orchid"?

  6. Really love the Churn Dash block and that beautiful quilt. I'm keeping you in my prayers.

  7. I'm sure you could grow a jacaranda in Florida. Although they are very popular here in Australia, they actually come from Central and South America and the Caribbean!

  8. I'm not a big fan of orchids (we see way too many here and practically no other flowers) and therefor I'm not a big fan of the the 2014 Pantone color of the year. Oh well, one can't please everybody all the time ;). I must keep my eyes open for articles written by you. And no, I have no idea who Carolyn Friedlander is, is it your nom de plume?? Your quilt stand is genius. Good luck for tomorrow; I'll be thinking of you sending prayers heavenwards so everything will go smoothly.

  9. Random is right. Glad there is some progress, hope the next procedure goes well. Not sure about the color, it's pretty intense.

  10. Hi Linda I know that your next procedure will go well. What kind of symptoms did you have that sent you to the Dr's?
    What an interesting rack to display your quilt and for photographing them . I was trying to do some pictures the other day but just couldn't display them well..
    Love the quilt soo beautiful. I really love purple it has. Always been my favourite color but I have never made a quilt of those colors maybe next year.
    Will be saying a little prayer for a quick recovery. Blessings.

  11. I hope you can quilt soon. The sneak peek looks amazing!

  12. Hi Linda,
    Not sure about the new Pantone colour, maybe it will grow on me! Can't wait to see a few more pics of your quilt in progress.
    Even when you've slowed down a little, you're still moving very fast!

  13. Fabulous post! Where to start! I'm so happy you are sewing! Like Cindy.....not too sure about orchid....hoping it will grow on me! And so cool to know that you are a published writer! Great quilt stand!

  14. Nice blocks! It's good to be back sewing, right? I bought a quilt stand for photographs, too. Resisted for a long time, but finally went ahead. I got the Craft Gard. I need to get those clips though. I don't care for putting sleeves on things, and taking a pic of a quilt top would be easy using them. Thanks for the resource. Ha- three people. That would solve a lot of time crunch issues, wouldn't it?

  15. A new stent this morning? Bleh! Sorry you had to do that. So, did they ever get their Right and Left together? ;D

    I **LOVE** your Riley Black challenge peek!

  16. Prayers your procedure goes well. Linda. Good excuse to rest and relax for the holidays.

  17. Praying you are doing well.
    That purple is fabulous!
    Can't wait to see all of the circle quilt!

  18. I didn't know about your new Stand Up friend...he's pretty handsome!! Also, I love the peek at the addition to RB tease! Finally, I've joined the Not Sure About Orchid looks to be about the color of my 1973 bridesmaids' dresses!! Hope you are feeling better, my dear!

  19. Since I'm coming to this post late, I think you've probably already had your procedure. I hope it went well, and glad that they were able to diagnose, then find a way to help you with your leg pain! Many virtual hugs and real prayers are being sent your way.

    We have a jacaranda in our front yard, and the blossoms of the variety here in Southern California (they are all over our neighborhood) are more of a bluey-purple, than a pinky orchid. (Not a fan of the new Pantone, that's for sure.) I love jacarandas when all the neighborhood is in bloom from May through mid-June.



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