Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scatterday - W

For Christmas, my husband gave me a new camera, along with multiple bottles of good-smelling lotions, creams and scents. However, he wisely allowed me to shop for my own camera for which I spent considerable Internet research time choosing the right one. Several friends had recommended a digital SLR camera - the Canon Rebel. I thought I wanted one until I seriously considered carrying around its bulky size, particularly when traveling, and having to learn all its features and lense options. I decided the best camera for me is the point-and-shoot variety. Lots more online reading helped me choose the Canon Powershot S100. It's labeled a camera for "advanced shooters," and I think that describes me.

With this brand new camera in mind, I signed on to Cinzia's schedule of Scatterdays. Periodically, we'll receive an alphabet letter, and three to four subjects/topics. We'll have a week to find and photograph those items. Hopefully, during these exercises, I'll learn more about my camera and improve the quality of my photos.

Since my camera arrived late yesterday afternoon, I've been rushing around to capture three pictures worthy of blogging. Without further ado, I give you the letter...
Expensive - Wine
For Christmas we bought ourselves a slimline 18-bottle wine refrigerator where our "good stuff" is now stored at an optimum temperature. This particular bottle traveled by car with us to Iowa from a September 2011 trip to Napa Valley, California, and again when we moved to Florida. It's a 2008 vintage Cabernet Franc from the Reverie Winery. Since it's the most expensive bottle of wine we've ever purchased, we're saving it for a special occasion.

Music - Wind Chimes
A neighbor allowed me to photograph this at the front entry to their home. I wish this picture included sound!

Exciting - Winning!
I can't remember anything quite as exciting as learning that my Snowflake Medallion quilt won Best of Show in the "Just for Me" division of the May, 2012 Machine Quilter's Showcase. It was such a shock! Here, Bernina Sewing Center Overland Park (Kansas) owner Myron Schwery presents me with my prize, a Bernina QE440. Could my grin get any bigger?

WIP (Work in Progress) - Winding Ways quilt top
I've had this hand-pieced top around for so long, I can't even remember when I started it. The late 1990's perhaps? Blocks are nine inches, making the top 54" X 72". I thought I'd add another column (vertically) or two and then borders, but to expedite the finish, another column of blocks ought to do. But to be true to what I started, the new column must be hand-pieced. 

Another W that I'm adding was on the front page of this morning's newspaper. "Welcome." We're learning that January heralds a huge influx of people. That translates to bigger crowds and longer lines at activities and restaurants, and much more vehicular and golf cart traffic. We're saying "welcome" too, and staying home a bit more.

So that's it for my first Scatterdays post. Next time we'll visit the letter R, and my interpretation of mammal, technology, transportation, and something red from my sewing room

In 2013, I've been invited to participate in the Mid-Century Modern Bee (MCMB), organized by Cindy at LiveaColorfulLife. I could be flattered at her invitation, but what made me eligible is my age! Ingeniously, Cindy thought it would be nice to have a modern block bee just for us "more mature" modern quilters. "More mature" sure beats "senior."

Carla, who has the month of January, asked us to make this 12-1/2" four-patch churn dash block according to her tutorial. She shows a clever way of making churn dash blocks that I've never seen before.

Love this smashing, "Juicy Fruit" color combo. My MCMB month is June, and I'm blog-trolling for ideas. Linda


  1. Lots of Wonderful W pictures!! Hope you enjoy your new camera!

  2. A new camera! Fun :D Love that churn dash block - great fabrics. And now I have to go check the tutorial out. . .

  3. Lovely photos - love those windchimes. And as you say, what could be more exciting than your BIG win.
    We know all about snowbirds too, on the front page of the newspaper - retired people in motorhomes who travel to escape winter in USA. It doesn't happen quite the same down here in little old New Zealand.

  4. That was some quick work with a new camera! Fascinating W collection. Congratulations on the big win. I love your winding ways quilt.

  5. I bought I Canon PowerShot G1 X Camera in 2012 and it is way too complicated. I'm still using the Kodak Point N Shoot. You made a wise choice. How can I get your blog post to show up in my email inbox? I've got lots of catching up to do! Love the Churn Dash Blocks. I'm just designing my Madrona Road, blog post about it next week. We just got the fabrics Wednesday night.

  6. Great pics. I had to go and do a course on how to use my Canon camera - the trick is to keep using it so you don't forget

  7. Love your pictures , have fun with your new cameras. I would love to take better pictures, maybe later when I don't have Jonah quite as much. I have really gotten behind on my quilting but maybe this year will be better. I saw the Churn Dash blocks on Carla's blog, really neat I might try one. Blessings Sandra

  8. I love modern churn dashes! I'm not fond of them in traditional quilts. The more modern fabrics make the block itself so much more appealing. Her tutorial shows an interesting way of making HSTs, a method I haven't tried yet.

    Enjoy your new camera!

  9. What a fun collection of pix! I'm doing something similar to stretch my, so far.

  10. Love your photos and congratulations on your win. Enjoy your new camera and I look forward to more photos under the letter R.

  11. Seeing your blog posts for W gave me the push/inspiration I required to get motivated for my own post your collection of W pics!

  12. Enjoy your new camera. I went the digital SLR route getting a Sony so I could use all my old pre digital Minolta lens on it......well most of them. And I love it. I did draw the line at the top level one to which you needed to add a flash. I decided a built in flash was all this older lady would manage now.
    And I adore it.
    So have a wonderful time with yours. a good camera is a great joy.

  13. Love your photos a good variety for the letter 'W'. Enjoy that wine when you open it - have a glass for me. Look forward to next round with the letter 'R'

  14. Wow, way to go winning that award for your quilt! That's a really big deal!!!!!!!!

  15. We have had and enjoyed our Canon Sureshot since 2009! I don't think you will be disappointed! My in-laws are "flying" south tomorrow...couldn't keep 'em any longer :)

  16. Great work with the camera. Takes a while to get used to new equipment. Enjoy your invitation to participate in the MCMB, You are a link between the younger and more mature quilters. Important job.

  17. Great 'W' pics with the new camera. Looking forward to your letter 'R'.

  18. Congrats on your Huge win, and the wonderful prize! You made a great choice with your camera. I've had the digital Rebel for many years, and I do use it sometimes, but I never leave home without my PowerShot S95. It is an awesome camera, and I think I get as good photos as with the Rebel. Enjoyed seeing your *W* photos.

  19. Loving your photos Linda. I got a new camera for Christmas and I am still trying to work out how to use it lol.

  20. I love the floral W and your winding ways quilt- I have a winding ways quilt waiting to be quilted- I really should finish it as it is a pretty design and quilt. I used some gorgeous batik fabrics in it..
    You found yourself a fine camera and you have a great eye.
    I love the photo of you when you won the sewing machine - what a terrific prize and it couldn't have happened to a nicer lady- You are indeed a winner.
    Happy New Year to you and yours,
    Warmest regards,

  21. A great collection of "W"s; I like the winning :-)



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