Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Rush from Happenin's!

Activities have been happenin', quilting-wise, around here. In the past week I have:

1) joined the new Bradenton Rec Center chapter of Quilting Guild of The Villages (QGOTV);
2) pursued a possible Stitchin' Mission to be hosted by a nearby church;
3) been asked and accepted co-presenting a May 16 program about modern quilting to Country Road Quilters, Ocala, Florida;
4) and been approved as a quilting instructor at The Villages Lifelong Learning College! I hope I'll be teaching "First-Time Quiltmaking," based on the 2006 book I wrote by the same name, and my Stitchin' Mission program.

I bet you think I'll have a lot on my plate this year.

I bet I agree.

Sewing-wise, I made a couple pillows this week. They began with this.

For the first time since moving, I upended my bag of selvages and dug in to make two different blocks for a "Salvage Those Selvages!" workshop I'll teach this coming October for QGOTV. You might think I like to plan that far ahead (I do!), but in fact, the class supply list is needed by February 4 for a QGOTV meeting!

As much as I wanted to make a quilt, these pillows should get the point across. 

Four easy blocks from Karen Griska's "Red Zinger" makes a 16" x 16" pillow. (Used with permission from Karen.)

This one is backed with some Dan Bennett "Wild Garden" that I wanted to use in big pieces so as not to lose the graphic appeal of the large print. You can see on the right side, that I even inserted a zipper.

The block for this pillow is one I created myself. It's a little more difficult for having to cut and sew wedges - drunkard's path style - on a curve. I know there's a useful, special sewing machine foot for curved piecing, but I don't have one. So, an appliqué foot works.

This pillow is two-sided, with a different arrangement of the same block on the reverse side. Yep. That sewn-in center circle was about as challenging to machine sew as it looks.

This pillow also has a zipper, but it's along the corded edge. I covered the zipper with the same fabric as the cording, so it looks like double cording!

By the way, here's a tip for the next time you sew a pillow. These 16" square pillows? Well, they're stuffed with 18" square pillow forms! I like that the pillows feel firmly full, not wimpy, especially at the corners. Happily, I was able to buy Joann's Home Elegance 18" X 18" pillow forms at half price.

It feels great to to be prepared for the October workshop, already!

Now I just need to finish writing up the supply list, which includes a little detail about how to cut selvages. Do you know?

This week, I also jumped onto Debbie's - AQuilter'sTable - Triple Zip-Along, AKA 3ZAL. It begins January 28, and these are the fabrics and zippers I've chosen.

Oh! And I'm getting ready for next Monday's (January 28) Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild meeting. We're showing off our Madrona Road Challenge projects. Mine's done, and I can't wait to see everyone's finishes. Look for pictures of quilts on our CentralFloridaMQG blog next Tuesday morning!

Am I in deep? You bet! Am I sleeping through the night? Rarely. I've been up since 2:30 am this morning! Do I get a rush from doing this kind of stuff? Now what do you think?! Linda


  1. That'll be a fun guild meeting. :D LOVE these selvage pillows!

  2. The cushions look fabulous. Hugs,xx.

  3. Wow Linda! I am guessing "I'm bored" is something you have never uttered! Love the pillows and the tip about using a slightly bigger insert - I don't like cushions that aren't filled to capacity. Always enjoy your busy, fun and positive posts.

  4. You will definitely be busy!!! Love the pillows.

  5. Go Linda! : ) Sounds like lots of fun things happening for you! And I love the pillows!

  6. You go girl, I know that you will handle it all with your usual grace. I love your pillows, I have a box of selvages I have been saving so maybe one day I will try one, but they won't be as beautiful. Wish I lived down there so I could go to your classes. You just keep on having as much fun as possible. Blessing Sandra

  7. I am so happy for you!! The pillow are so cute - I bet they look good in your new house. So glad you've found some kindred spirits and I bet, some new friends.

  8. Oh my goodness Linda - it all sounds like fun but I understand why you've been up since 2:30. :) I love the pillows....I have a bin of selvedges too and have no idea what I want to use them for. Meanwhile, they grow. blessings, marlene

  9. It seems you are very busy indeed! But all fun! I love your cushions. For a while, I also put my selvages away for later use, but in the end I tossed them out as I thought I will never use them. Of course now I regret it, after seeing your fab cushions. Oh well, I can always start collecting again. You will be a great teacher to those beginners, I wish I could take a class with you (for example you could teach me how to put those zippers in between the corded edge. That's so clever! Have a great weekend ahead. xx

  10. Very very cool pillows! Love all the selvedges

  11. Your pillows are so nice and colorful! I love the pearl bracelet fabric, I just ordered a bunch of fat quarters.
    I think you will be a great teacher, and you are very prepared!

  12. You work fast!! I'm so impressed....lovely pillows and I like the design for both. It will be a very well received workshop, I know!

  13. Wow, you have been, and are going to stay busy! I am in love with the selvage pillows! And that's a good tip about the cutting. Thanks! xo

  14. Wow, you are so organised, Linda. The pillows look fabulous.

  15. Thought that I would try again. Pillows look fabulous. No problems leaving a comment this time.

  16. I love the pillows with all those wonderful colors, and the back print is awesome. Good job and congrats on all your accomplishments and your future joys.

  17. What beautiful pillows! I'm starting to get a good supply of selvage edges.

  18. Good gravy! You've been busy! Good luck with your guild! I can't wait to see what you've done for the Madrona challenge. Our guild is doing it, too.

    Those pillows look fantastic! I can't believe you're already prepared for your workshop 9 months early… I'd poke fun but I think it actually makes you my hero. :-) Best of luck with all your teaching adventures - you'll do marvellous.

  19. I love your cushions, what a creative person you are.
    Can't wait to see your Madrona Road challenge quilt.
    I'm tired just reading about how busy you are.

  20. Such fun projects and colours! I'm exhausted just reading about all you have on your plate, and giggling quietly here that you seem to be joining my sleep-deprived lifestyle. Except that I stay up late, and you rise early 😄. My Sydney Modern Quilt Guild blocks have gone off to join the others our members are making. Exciting!

  21. Wow, I am impressed. Love the pillows. Your quilt on the previous post looks great and how fun to have Val as a friend. I just love her designs and have done all the blocks in the first quilt you show.

  22. Woowwww sooo beautuful pillows! Great idea!
    Hug, Emanuela

  23. What beautiful work! I've never saved selvages but now I wished I did. I love the modern vintage look of the designs you chose. For some reason they remind me of Pyrex! I just love them!

  24. The pillows are amazing! Great use of the salvages and color!!


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