Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scatterday - R

This Saturday Scatterday brings you the letter

This is the second time, I've created a photo post from the Scatterdays challenge. Every two weeks Cinzia gives us an alphabet letter and four subjects for which we find photos. It's definitely a challenge, not only in the photography aspect, but in simply coming up with items suitable for the letter and topic!

Mammal - Roscoe
My friend and neighbor, Michelle, owns this friendly dog, Roscoe. It was tough getting this photo, as he isn't a particularly good model, but I forgive him because he's so sweet, and soft to pet! Our Hogan gets along with Roscoe really well.

Technology - Radio
Though this emergency radio isn't ours, it should be. With a hand-crank battery, emergency light, weather station and radio, it would be handy to have during hurricane season. And it's red too.

Transport - Recumbent Bike
Sometimes I wish I had one of these. It looks so comfortable. As this fellow pedaled down the street, I complimented him on his bike. Note that the bike's not only red, but it has a red flag!

Red from My Sewing Room - Red Fabric
Since red isn't my go-to color, I don't have that much of it in my stash.

Guess I need to do some more fabric shopping!

Check back Saturday, February 2 for installment three that brings you the letter "Q." Linda


  1. Hi Linda I love your pictures and I especially love the bike, I think even I with FM and back problems would be able to ride that. Have fun with that camera of yours. Blessings Sandra

  2. Hi Linda

    Lots of good "R" photos. Rosco looks like a lovely friendly dog. We also have an emergency combination torch and radio which winds up - not red though, one for the caravan and one for the house.

  3. Great photos! I have a little red radio, but not as fancy as that one! Look forward to seeing your "Q" photos- hopefully there will be a quilt in there somewhere?!

  4. Roscoe looks like a very friendly dog. We too have an emergency radio, battery operated.

  5. Love the radio,we should all have one of those!

  6. Roscoe looks like a sweetie!

    I've never tried a recumbent bike. They look comfortable, but I'd be worried that car drivers wouldn't see you.

  7. Love your photos Linda. Roscoe is beautiful and that bike - looks great, but I don't ride bikes!!!

  8. Roscoe certainly cuts a dash...just needs a bow tie for his sit down lunch! Your (friend's) radio is fascinating and the colour is easy to find. Hand cranking sounds very enviro friendly dead batteries and great for firming those pesky upper arm muscles. Great clear pics, too.

  9. Love the photos, especially Roscoe. I want one of those bikes.

  10. what more is there to say ... ditto all of the above. Super job.

  11. Looks like you are enjoying your new camera, Linda! Santa brought weather radios to all the boys in our family this year!

  12. Love that bike!
    WOuld be great way for me to get the cows up....LOL

  13. I love that bike always wanted one but as the roads around here are all mountains with what appears to be no downs I won't be getting one unless I move.


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