Monday, December 12, 2011

Blocks for This and That

In the five days I've been at home since our Florida trip, I've spent some time at the sewing machine. Yay! I also spent two days sewing with Hope Quilters (read about our day here).

For myself, I played catch-up on the November 25 release of the third block in the Bloggers' BOM. Pink is outside my comfort zone, and putting these particular colors together is a first, but definitely fun. It's an unusual block, don't you think? I'm making two each month since they're only 8" X 8" when finished.

These two 12" X 12" star blocks have been sent off to join other star blocks to make a quilt for a special someone who's having health problem. 'Nuf said.
Martha Washington Star
Broken Star
Upon request, and following certain guidelines, back in August I made and sent this 12" X 12" Single Wedding Ring block to someone who was going to sew collected blocks into a quilt as a wedding gift for one of my blogospheric buddies. I haven't heard a word about the status of that quilt and that makes me feel disappointed. Should I be? Update: The new bride has received the blocks; it was never intended that a quilt would be given to her. She - Shannon at Pieceful Kwilter - will post about the blocks when she has a chance. She's a busy professional longarm quilter - understandable given that it's pre-Christmas, giving time.

I've also been crazily sewing tiny 1-1/2" X 1-1/2" squares into these cute nine-patch blocks - only 72 of them needed for my Friendship Medallion quilt. It does seem to be taking a long time.


Deb said...

I love the pink and greens and blacks together. They are right in my comfort zone! Can you talk to the organizer of the wedding quilt? I would also be disappointed if I didn't hear anything. Lovely projects.

Elyte said...

That friendship medallion must be getting very big by now, so lots more blocks required. Hope you don't start hating 9 patches. They are too cute.
The purple stars look heavenly.
Don't despair about the Single Wedding Ring block. I am sure it is progressing slowly. Life does get in the way sometimes.
BTW did you hear that Gail's Patchwork in Ballarat burnt down? Didn't you visit that shop on one of your trips down under?

Mayleen said...

Pink is definitely in my comfort zone! They are unusual blocks but it looks like you did a great job.

It would be disappointing to me if I didn't hear anything about a block I'd sent on but perhaps you could contact the organizer? As someone else wrote, life happens and things don't always go as smoothly as we like.

Jodi said...

You gave me a good laugh this morning, Linda! Nice to have company in my craziness,mindlessness! My blocks using the 1 1/2" squares are pretty - yours are gorgeous! Love all those bright, happy colors! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Janet said...

I love the star blocks, especially the ones for the BOM. I made some blocks for a similar reason and haven't heard a thing either. I don't even know if they were recieved.

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