Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Christmas Post

A friend commented that my blog has been a bit quiet lately. She's right. Between spending several weeks with our daughter Jill, and family, and having access to only snippets of sewing and embroidery time, not only has my productivity been drastically reduced, but so has blogging time.

While at Jill's house, I've continued to make these for "Friendship Medallion." Jill has my old Bernina QE153, so I can sew whenever I'm at her house.

I embroidered another "Snowmen A-Z" block, and the letter "O" for ornament is underway. I think this alphabet quilt may be a 2012 finish!

The kidlets have been my focus - a happy way to consume my time.
Tay, Aesa and Celina

We always take formal holiday pictures...

... but with two little ones (and a frustrated big one), smiling faces are not always easy to capture.

Just before Celina and her dad departed for their Christmas eve flight to the United Arab Emirates, Celina paused for this picture showing off her new Sperry "Angelfish" shoes - a gift from us. For one week, she and her dad are there to join a family gathering of his family.

Tay with his new backpack, standing on the "I Spy" quilt I made.

Not-yet-talking, 13 month-old Aesa says "auh-oh," and manages to communicate everything else by sign language and "ah-uhn?" sounds.
In Florida, grandson Austin is who we didn't get to see in person, but we're grateful for Skype so we could watch him open a couple presents on Christmas morning.
By email we received this photo of Austin and his friend Daphne. According to our son, "they could be heard in the next time zone." Santa's jolly humor, and patience, is very appreciated.

I read on another blogger's post that she received push-back from a reader about putting up pictures of her family. It's difficult to understand such a complaint when a reader is free to not read a blog post. While I enjoy blogging about many things, particularly quilting, this blog is also about the people in my life. In four more days I'll be wrapping up 2011 posts, and then, for the third consecutive year, I'll order a printed blog book from Blog2Print. For me, it's the best way to remember the things I deemed most important. The book is a tangible record of my interests - a diary, if you will - for my descendants.

By the way, my Christmas present was a gift certificate for a haircut from my favorite - I-trust-her-implicitly - hair stylist in Kansas City. Check out my blog profile photo to see my new, shorter do. Here's how I look from the back. I love the way it lays and moves, and of course, I'm hoping I can make it look like this myself!
I'll leave you with this chuckle. Last week, Jill, Celina and I went to lunch together at a Kansas City Mexican restaurant called Salty Iguana. Inside the door was this sign. Do you 'spose it's a typo, or is there such a thing as "Quiltless Quesadilla"? What does one look like? More importantly, aren't you glad you can get one 50 percent off!?


Lindi said...

I love your blog: quits, outings, family and all....Sharing your life is what makes friends rather than just readers. :)
Love the new cut, btw!

Elyte said...

Looks like you have a wonderful Christmas. The children are growing up beautifully.
All the best to you all for the New Year.
Hair looks fabulous, by the way!

sandra said...

Your grandchildren are all beautiful and I love that you share them with us. Quilting isn't all encompassing in our lives. Love your haircut.
Have a Happy New Year.

Julia said...

Great photos Linda...Gorgeous family, the little ones are so cute.
Love the new do..I can never get mine to look like they do at the salon..
Quiltless..really, that's not us is it?
Julia ♥

Carla said...

Well, I'll sure be looking for that Quiltless appetizer the next time I'm at SI, Linda! What a hoot!! Love your pics and your new fancy do!!! And, please, keep including those family pictures..especially, the not so "perfect" ones!!

Di said...

Well, I for one absolutely LOVE seeing your little ones, Linda. I lost a Follower last week, and am now wondering if it was for the same reason...

Your hairstyle looks tres chic - I'd love mine to go that way, but with a natural curl it has a mind of its own!

Hope you get a little rest before the new year's activity starts. xx

Jackie's Stitches said...

The kids are growing up fast Linda. Celina (beautiful as always) looks like she's grown a foot.

Loving the new hair...you always look fabulous!

KaHolly said...

Funny you should mention that other blogger's complaint. I was scrolling through your post thinking, "I'm so glad she's included all these pictures of her family." I guess it takes all kinds. Whoever that was must not be a very happy person on the inside not to be able to embrace the joys of others. Happy New Year!! ~karen

EmmaTM said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful family photos and holiday memories! I'm glad you had such a great holiday! I love your new hair do too, very chic!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

I love reading about other's families! It's your blog you get to do what you want.
I also think of mine as a diary of sorts. It is also a way for other far away family members to check out what is going on.

Pokey said...

Hey Linda, it's hard to understand why anyone feels they have the right to be negative toward someone else's blog, but there are all kinds of people. Hope your friend didn't get discouraged. I like seeing pictures of family, too, it makes us who we are. Best wishes for your new year ~

Sue said...

Hi Karen
Happy New Year. I love the family photos, and what you write about them. We dont see most of our kids and grandies at Christmas - mainly çause most of them are in Australia, and its not a good time to visit. Love the blocks also. I am just getting what people are calling 'my mojo' back. If it means getting back into the swing of things - then thats what I'm doing.:-)

Julie said...

I'm with you Linda, blogging is like an on-line diary, what kind of life would you have if it only contained quilting and crafts,I love seeing how the kids have grown since your last post!
The 'Do' is magical, you look fabulous!

Kerry said...

I love seeing how your life progresses through the year through pics of your quilting and your grandchildren. The new hairdo is very sleek, bet it's easy to style in the mornings!

Pinky said...

let the people who don't like life snap shots read elsewhere! :) no one forces them to be there :) your blog your rules!


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