Monday, August 22, 2011

Triple Tote

For several weeks now I've been mulling over how to make the bag I saw a woman carrying at the doctor's office. Hers was commercially-made, but I thought it might work using the pretty "Outside Oslo" canvas weight home dec fabric I purchased from Marmalade Fabrics.

I've named my bag Triple Tote because that's what it is - one, two, or three separate bags that can be carried simultaneously or individually. The strap, with swivel hooks at each end, allow me to carry whichever bag I want, or all three at once!

Fusible fleece gives shape to each bag, as do 2"-wide boxed bottoms. To help define the bag shape, I pressed a fold into the bottom and sides that I then edge-stitched. A tabbed D-ring on each side of a bag can be clipped to the swivel hook.

small tote - 10-1/2" wide X 6-1/2" tall

The yellow bag is the smallest at 10" wide by 6-1/2" tall. This is the one I'll probably use most often by itself, when running errands.

The medium bag (right) measures 10" wide X 8" deep, and is made with my favorite of these three Oslo prints.

The largest bag is 10" wide X 10-1/2" deep. It's no accident that this one can hold an IPad2... should I ever be so fortunate to own one.
All three bags are lined and have a divided 6" X 6" inside pocket. The 2" side is for pens, lip gloss or reading glasses; the 4" side perfectly holds my cell phone.

To make the zipper pull easier to grab, I threaded a piece of the Oslo selvage through the eye of the pull. The canvas selvage weave is dense enough that it shouldn't unravel.

It took some time to make a bag - zipper, lining, pocket, D-ring tabs, box bottom and edge stitching - and then make it again... and again. This heavier weight fabric assures me they should hold up well, and now I have a variety of options for actually using them.

The fair is over for another year, so this afternoon I'm off to the fairgrounds to pick up my quilts. Now I get to figure out what to do with my ribbon winnings... all $15 worth.  Linda


  1. Interesting bag idea! And what else should you do with your fair winnings than buy more fabric??

  2. Aren't YOU the clever one?? I love it!

  3. cool bags! I've never seen it but love it.

  4. $15!!!! Laughable, isn't it...

    You need to make this into a pattern, you could sell it. We did get to the fair yesterday so got to see your lovely quilts in person...

  5. Oh, these turned out so cute! They will be great for your vacation!

  6. The bags are just great. Your favorite fabric is mine as well. Very nice.

  7. Great tote idea Linda...all three together make for some serious shopping..
    A whole $15..really!...
    Julia ♥

  8. Linda this is a great idea! I would not have thought of adding bags to the handle like that...but how wonderful for traveling. blessings, marlene

  9. Linda, this is absolutely AWESOME! Your did a superb job.

    Thanks for your kind kind words on my quilting. You are giving me a big head. ;)

    Hope your week goes well and as planned!


  10. What a clever idea! I love it that it can be used individually or all together. I'm sure you'll get lots of use for it. And yes, you should indeed make a patter to sell. I would buy one ;).

  11. Your bags are darling. What a clever idea. Your $15 winnings might just be enough to pay for the gas to get you to the fair grounds and back home!!

  12. You did a great job on the bags and what a clever idea.

  13. What an interesting tote. And you are so smart to figure out how to make one.
    $15 will buy a couple yards of fabric for the next quilt to enter in the fair.

  14. Love the bags Linda. You do such lovely work!



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