Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quilting a Kleenex Box

FAB (Friend After Blogging) Carla of Lollyquiltz is preparing quilts for a presentation she'll make this fall to a quilt guild. She mentioned that she has about "ten quilts to quilt," so I've quilted one of them for her. This is Carla's "Kleenex Box" quilt. I pin basted it - Quilter's Dream Request batting - and set about quilting it.

Each scrappy strip seemed to have several focal points, so to emphasize them I outline-quilted each one with white, #40 YLI thread.

As I wanted, each shape is evident on the quilt back. Then, using invisible nylon thread, I channel quilted diagonally, 1-1/2" apart, to finish the scrappy rows.

This free-motion design is a new one for me. I first saw it here. (Thanks for leading me to it, Emma.) It shows well on this solid fabric, especially with King Tut variegated thread. The bobbin thread is gray Bottom Line.

Kleenex Box, 49" X 54-1/2"

With a neat pieced backing, it's a cute finish. Well done, Carla!

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