Friday, August 5, 2011


It's been a while since I've shared pictures of grandchildren, so here you go...

Celina recently completed a series of modeling lessons. She learned how to dress, accessorize, apply make-up, and style hair, all age appropriate to her 12 years. She also learned how to walk and carry herself. In school, I think we called it deportment.

This is a backyard photo of her taken just before she went to the final runway presentation wearing clothes, make-up and styled hair she selected herself.  Out of 35 models, Celina won one of four awards given for "Exceptional Performance at the Hoffman Graduation Fashion Show." We're so proud of her!

We visited our Kansas family July 23-25 and these are a few of those pictures. Even seeing them every two weeks or so, they change so quickly. Jill discovered a Home Depot line of toy tools at Babies R Us. Tay doesn't put down his "dwill."
Tay 22 months; Aesa 8 months
In just one week, eight month-old Aesa quickly learned to crawl so he can follow big brother Tay. Aesa also pulls himself up on furniture to spend a lot of time on his feet.
Aesa, 8 months
This decorative wrought iron piece in the bookshelf is a big attraction.

Both boys recently had haircuts. It was Aesa's first, and Tay's sixth or seventh! As Aesa is growing up, the boys are looking more and more alike. 

At Aesa's nine month check-up this week we learned he weighs 20 lbs. 2 ozs. and is 29-1/4" long. Tay at a similar age was 22 lbs. 8 ozs., and 28-1/2" long. 

Aesa has also been diagnosed with breath holding syndrome. I wasn't familiar with it until I witnessed his first episode in early July while the family was all together in the Ozarks. Crying, no breath intake, eyes-rolling, going limp and passing out. It isn't life threatening, but very scary to watch! (Search and view any YouTube video of a breath holding episode.) Thankfully, Aesa's had only one other incidence since then, and we want to keep it that way.

UPDATE: This evening, Jill suddenly noticed that the house was strangely quiet and wondered what the two boys were doing. She expected to find them playing behind the sofa. When she didn't find them there, she called outdoors to Maher to ask if he had them. He didn't. When she went looking, she was stunned to find both boys at the top of the stairs! Aesa, who's two days shy of nine months old either followed or was helped by Tay, to crawl up 12 steps, cross a landing and climb four more steps to the second floor! None of us can even imagine it without cringing. A baby gate will be going up soon.

Though I haven't seen Austin in person since we were all together in the Ozarks, he seems to be enjoying an easy life on a Florida beach.

Our Kansas City family is coming to visit us Sunday and will stay a couple days. They haven't been to our house for a year! We're not set up for babies - no high chair, no toys, no baby gates - but as long as we can get outdoors, we'll manage. Linda


  1. Beautiful girl!! And those boys, they sure are growing fast! Have a delightful visit! ~karen

  2. Wow! So beautiful and your grandson's breathing issues are the same that my sister had when she was little. I could tell you stories!

  3. My goodness Celina is growing to a really beautiful girl, and such an achievement in the competition too. It would have been interesting to have been a fly on the wall while the boys were getting up to mischief!!

  4. Linda, you have so nice granchildren, Celina is a beautiful teenager and the boys are so cute you sure want to cnuddle them always!

  5. I love seeing pictures of all the grandchildren. Congrats to Celina for doing such a job good with her wardrobe, makeup and hair. Austin looks quite at home on the beach. What a fun bunch!

  6. How wonderful for you that they are coming to visit! You are a lucky lady with adorable grandchildren. Celina looks beautiful. :)



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