Friday, June 17, 2011

Puzzle Ball Gift

A few weeks ago, using this book, I made several little cloth balls for my grandies. Friends recently became first-time grandparents, so I had a good reason to make another ball. This one is the pattern "Snowball" and measures 4-3/4" in diameter.
I chose red and gold prints to represent the new mom's school colors - Iowa State University.

And then I selected purple and gold prints that represent the grandparents' school colors - University of Northern Iowa. Since that's my DH's alma mater too, I even had some UNI Panther fabric I could use.

So you can see how I covered all the bases to make a bright cloth ball. No partiality here!


  1. Look at you just popping these out like it's nothing!! They still look pretty complicated to me but so cute and the baby's adorable.

  2. How cute! And the baby just melts my heart.

  3. Those are so great and the baby is just precious.



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