Thursday, June 9, 2011

Long Weekend Away

With three grandies less than four hours away (when compared to 24 hours away when they lived in Sydney), we're not away from them for very long. We had two reasons to visit last weekend: Celina's dance recital, and to celebrate DH's 59th birthday.

Here's our dance star, striking a pose at home, after the last performance. 

The bouncing babe in the background of Celina's picture is Aesa (7 months). He's not quite as energetic in the jumper as Tay was, but he enjoys himself. I'm sure this exercise is strengthening his legs for walking.

The birthday boy's special day was Monday (June 6). After our SIL made him a fine t-bone steak dinner, we sang happy birthday and served carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Celina decorated the cake with purple and gold icing, school colors of the University of Northern Iowa.

Tay gets along very well with his little brother and only occasionally takes away a toy Aesa is playing with.

Tay is talking up a storm. Often it's two and three-word phrases that come out of his mouth. Tay is completely taken by Hogan, our beagle-chow dog that we inherited when Jill went overseas for work. One morning when Hogan snorted a couple times, Tay asked, "Hogan neeze?" I said, "Yes, Hogan sneezed." The next thing I knew, Tay was running to open a desk drawer where the box of tissues are kept. Tay said, "Hogan. Keenex?" offering a Kleenex to wipe Hogan's nose.
Tay, 20 months
Tay asks for "read to."

Aesa had bronchiolitis twice over the winter, and is being monitored for possible asthma. Occasionally, when he gets overly rattly-sounding, Jill uses their new breathing machine to give Aesa a five minute, medicated treatment. He likes the soft shushing sound of the machine.

He's a very happy baby.

One of the "pleasures" of being a Nana.

This post wouldn't be complete without recent pictures of Austin, our 13 month-old grandson in Tampa, Florida. 

Ironically, this crying picture is my favorite. He'd just had his pacifier taken away. Can't you feel his pain?

A last funny moment to share.... One morning when Tay woke up, I offered to get him from his crib and dress him. In his room, as he was on the changing table having his diaper changed, I found a surprise and commented, "Tay's pooh-y." He answered back, "Holy Moses!"


StitchinByTheLake said...

What wonderful pictures - and I loved that "Holy Moses!" quote. Precious memories. blessings, marlene

sandra said...

Don't you just love grandchildren. We moved last fall to be near one of our grandson's and I just love being able to see him everyday every and looking after him 3 days a week. We missed a lot of his first three years and my daughter needed our help as she has dialysis three times a week. It is the best move we have ever made. Your grandchildren are adorable.

Carla said...

What fun to see them all....maybe Nana needs to wear a raincoat next time she feeds Aesa!

Elyte said...

They are growing up beautifully. Celina is a gorgeous young lady.

Lindi said...

Lovely post, Linda! Grandies are so delightful, aren't they? :)

Kerry said...

Lovely photos of your gorgeous grandchildren, and such a sweet video. Wonderful that they live so much closer now.

Julie said...

What a delightful blog post, I so love hearing all about your grand children, they are just beautiful and growing so fast!

Ivory Spring said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your family's pictures. :)


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