Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pizza Pan, Plastic Wrap, and Lessons Learned

Quilting this "Snowflake Medallion" quilt has captured most of my time these days. With the Iowa State Fair deadline looming, I'm determined to put in the necessary hours to quilt this design in the way it deserves. It hasn't been easy.

I've continued to use Golden Threads paper to draw quilting designs, stitch them without thread, and use the pattern to free-motion quilt.

 It's been coming along nicely.

Since I've been working across the quilt, starting at one side and quilting toward the middle, I knew that quilting the center medallion would be the most challenging part. 

I decided I wanted to quilt a feather circle. To get the 16" diameter circle I needed as a template, I raided the kitchen for this pizza pan. 

Then, somewhat like cutting out paper snowflakes, I folded freezer paper so I could give the circle a scalloped edge. Here it's pinned to the center motif so I could check that it fit.

I quilted around the motif.

Then, by eye, I echo quilted about 3/8" from the first quilting.

Next, I designed feathers to flow clockwise along the interior of the scalloped edge. My plan worked, though I didn't expect to prick my finger on one of those super-sharp flower-head pins! Thankfully, the blood - which headed right under the quilting thread! - came out easily with cold water.

So far, so good.

After reading a friend's blog post, I was reminded that this product can be used as a template for a quilting design.

With a fine line green Sharpie, I drew the feather motif to flow clockwise around the exterior of the scalloped circle.  Then I patted the plastic wrap to the quilt. It sticks good... but that's where the fun ends.


After quilting along the green Sharpie lines, the plastic wrap needs to be pulled off. And boy, does it stick, and catch under the quilting stitches... particularly those that have been stitched over more than once. It was awful to try to remove! Do not use "Press and Seal" for free motion quilting! I may have thought it was difficult to remove Golden Threads paper from under quilting stitches, but this stuff makes difficult seem easy!

I won't tell you about the tears - my own! - and problems I had trying to get the plastic wrap, and the green marker color out. I ended up completely un-quilting that section - thankfully, I'd quilted only the first quadrant - and starting over again with Golden Threads paper. Ahh. Much better.

In low light, with shadows falling across the medallion. . .

. . . I'm really liking how this is turning out.

The quilting is now officially more than halfway complete. Since I'm working across the medallion-style quilt, the rest of the quilting is a repeat of what I quilted on the opposite side. Good progress. Yay! Linda


  1. What BEAUTIFUL work! Awesome! I'm leaving a comment because my e-mail to you failed. -- Thank you for such a nice comment on my blog. I'll give you a heads-up next time I sponsor and maybe you can make the trip for another visit to KCMQG. And good for your for helping co-found another Modern Quilt guild. We need one in every city! Best to you Linda. -Tammy

  2. Wow, Wow, Wow!!! I want to be you when I grow up!

  3. It's coming along absolutely beautifully LInda! I see that you have blood and tears in there and I'm sure there is a little sweat too. I'm DEFINITELY going to try to get a little adventurous! That ugly first quilt of mine would be a good place to start.

  4. F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C ! The quilt is spectacular!


  5. Oh my goodness! This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing the process with us. I can't wait to hear about the ribbon you will surely win. :)

  6. Wow! I am in awe Linda!! I find it so hard to be creative when it comes to the quilting bit!! I have ordered some of the Golden Threads paper to experiment with....thanks for your progress pics of the quilting - your quilting is certainly impressive.....!

  7. Oh Linda, the pictures are amazing. I'm so sorry about the press and seal. At least it wasn't a huge section. You are a wonderful quilter. I wish I could see this one in person!! Your work will all be worth it!

  8. linda your quilting is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! i see ribbons in your future!

    another trick to try (might be a little expensive) when quilting with multiple trace backs is water soluable stabilizer. it's a trick i used when i frist started free motioning.
    i used a water soluble pen to mark the design. i hear the wasable crayola markers a real good too and fully wash out...make sure they are the WASHABLE kind.


  9. Hi Linda, well that quilt is not just coming along! It's wonderfully spectacular. WOW. You should be so pleased with your skill. Thank goodness you hadn't quilted the whole quilt with the Press and Seal. I think I'd have thrown it in a corner. Well done for keeping on going.

  10. Wow that looks fabulous. I don't know what press and seal is but I will stay away from it. I enjoy how you take us through the thinking process.

  11. Fabulous quilting! I especially like the scalloped feathered circle. Oh, and I laughed and winced at that quilter's accident email you sent the other day! Thank you.

  12. Stunningly beautiful Linda, and such determination which is very impressive.I don't think I'd have the patience for such intricate detailed quilting. I'm sure it will be a ribbon winner. I cringed when I was reading about the press and seal, but am relieved it had a good ending.

  13. That is absolutely gorgeous. And thanks for making a mistake on our behalf. :) We appreciate it.

  14. WOW, Linda this is gorgeous, and can I just say I am becoming VERY jealous of your quilting time...

  15. This is absolutely gorgeous, Linda!!! I would be very surprised if you didn't win!

  16. Wow! Your quilt is going to be absolutely stunning! The quilting is just spectacular (and so is the quilt itself).

  17. That is totally gorgeous - beautiful work!



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