Sunday, May 15, 2011

Glinda, With Thanks

How nice to have appreciative friends! I can think of times when I've been lax about taking time to write a thank you note, or send a card in friendship. I regret that. It's nice to see that others are better about it than I am.

I have received two thank-you notes lately, but this one in particular made me grin. You might already have guessed that it came from my friend Lola whose Glinda wall hanging I quilted for her. See that quilt here. Isn't Glinda beautiful, even in cardboard?

On the back of the card, it's nice to have this additional information about Glinda, played by Billy Burke in "The Wizard of Oz" movie.

Inside the card Lola wrote a sweet message, and this scripture:
Two (quilters) are better than one because they have a good reward for their toil. - Ecclesiastes 4:9, Amplified Bible
Amen and amen!

Like other quilting-related thank you notes I've received, this one goes into my keeper file. I'm still promising a photo of the finished Glinda, after she's glammed-up with crystals and beading. I hear she's getting fitted from the top of her crown to the hem of her skirt! Linda

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