Saturday, May 28, 2011

All in a Day's Fun

Since posting here that I'm the only person I know who hangs laundry outside to dry, two other local friends have let me know they too are laundry-hangers. That's good to know, but really. Only three of us?

I'd rather hang new fabric on the clothesline than clothes. Here are some of the Erin McMorris prints I purchased at a shop in Dunedin, Florida.
assorted Erin McMorris prints
While fabric was line-drying, I made this 8" X 8" quilt block for Amy in our One Block Over swap. Fun prints, and a quick and easy block to sew following this tutorial at Badskirt blog.
8" X 8" unfinished "One Block Over" block
These fabric stacks are 5" squares for Carla of Lollyquiltz who's coordinating an "I Spy" swap. My DIL helped me pick out the prints at the Florida quilt shop, thinking of the little boys who will get the quilts I'll make with them.
5" X 5" unfinished squares
It's been a while since I've made a pin cushion ring, but they're still one of my favorite things to make when I want to give a little unexpected thank-you gift. I make a habit of saving plastic bottle caps in assorted colors, and if I'm really on top of my game, I drill holes in a bunch of them at one time so they're ready to make.

As a little thank you to Lee at FreshlyPieced, for hosting the fun "Supernova Quilt-Along," I made her this pin cushion ring. See my tutorial for it here.

I like to wear my mine on the index finger of my left hand, but it would work on your thumb too.

This fabric was in my own Supernova quilt.

Maybe Lee will use the pin cushion and remember the big impact she made on me - my first modern quilt where I intentionally used a solid to make a quilt that wasn't "Amish!"Linda


  1. I wish often for a clothes line but my husband doesn't want to have to mow around the poles - silly man doesn't understand the concept. :) A friend gave me one of the ring pincushions and I've enjoyed it a lot. blessings, marlene

  2. I enjoy seeing my washed fabrics hanging on the line. Sometimes I play around with placement in planning colour combinations. How bad is that?

  3. Washing and ironing new patchwork fabric doesn't seem like a chore at all, does it? But then, I'm one of those who really likes doing laundry! Not so keen on housework though. Or gardening.

  4. I hang my laundry...nothing can replace the fresh smell of line dried sheets, etc! Interesting block.

  5. I love hanging clothes outside on clothesline.. you cant beat the wonderful fresh smell.. but unfortunately I havent had a clothesline in years... and where I live now, there are so many birds that it would be tempting fate to hang clothes outside even if I had the place to put up a clothesline... oh, well, I can dream my memories of the fresh small.

  6. Oooooh, with those delicious new fabrics flapping in the breeze you know already that I'm going to say "Love those pinks!!!" I'm so predictable!

    I also love my bottle cap pincushion that you made, which I use every single day as I hand piece my Joseph's coat quilt.

  7. I wouldn't any quilters know where you live.... just kidding, of course, but that is a clothesline I'd like to see!

    Very sweet thank you gift, you are so sweet.


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