Thursday, May 26, 2011

About Joplin

Whether you live in the US or on another continent, you have surely heard about the devastating tornados that have plagued the southern Midwest. Several of you have expressed your concern to me personally. Thankfully, most of Iowa - at least where I live - has avoided this horrible spring weather.

A member of our church is a news reporter for a local TV station. He was sent to Joplin, Missouri to report on conditions there. He also wrote a blog post for our church, and that's the link I'd invite you to read. Whether you are a person of faith or not, this story is fascinating. Praise God,


  1. Great post, show's how God never moves or changes. Even in such horrific storms we can always count on Him standing firm.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Linda. There are some things in this life that we will never understand, but He promises to remain our stability.

  3. That's powerful. Thanks for sharing it...



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