Saturday, January 9, 2010

P.S. Friday Flaunt

In my previous blog post I mentioned this weekend's church quilting group retreat at Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp. Well, I couldn't flaunt the item below on Friday because I didn't want to give away my secret before Saturday's retreat.

Retreat-goers will each get a kit to make this travel tray.

It's a very special travel tray because it's made from a custom-printed fabric. The round design is part of our church logo, a circle of four quadrants representing aspects of life in Christ.

The fabric was ordered from Spoonflower. It's an on-line company that allows you to create your own designs, upload them to their website, and order them as fabric. Check it out!

Since I don't have, and am not familiar with graphic design software, a very generous Minnesota graphic artist, Tammy, offered to create what I wanted.

You should see the other beautiful fabrics she's created. You can order her fabrics, and those of other designers, through Spoonflower. How cool is that!?

See more of Tammy's great stuff on her blog
Thanks, Tammy!

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  1. Love the finished product! Hope you had a wonderful time at your retreat!!



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