Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby

Our Iowa weather has been a predominant feature of the winter of '09-'10. The latest blast arrived Wednesday morning in the form of rain. While rain in itself isn't necessarily bad, it is when it lands on things with a temperature of less than 32 F (0 C). Such is the case, and the reason there's no school today.

As if it isn't difficult enough for the postal carrier to reach our mailbox, with snow piled along the entire length of its four foot (1.2 meter) pole, the box itself is now frozen shut and dripping with icicles.

Tree branches are drooping nearly to the ground. Several have already broken off.
Sigh. Yard clean-up yet to come.

The snow crab tree that blooms so prettily in the spring with white blossoms that look like popcorn, have berries crusted with at least 1/8 inch (2cm) of ice. And note how much snow we still have!

All I can say is that if anyone must be out today, pretty much the only way anyone can get around on two feet - and remain upright! - is to wear Yak Trax.

Someone surely has to be getting rich from this ingenious invention! I understand that postal employees, police and fire departments are wearing them these days.
I'm not certain why it is they work so well, but those metal spirals dig right into ice.
So well you might be able to guess who's had the "pleasure" of walking the dog today!


Deb said...

I hate ice and am glad we avoided most of it. However, your photos are beautiful. Let's pray for the sun and some melting time.

Jackie's Stitches said...

My dogs will hardly leave the house when it's cold outside and we certainly don't have snow and ice all over. Your pup gets bonus points for going on that walk with you!

tammikins said...

I am right there with you on Yak Trax! I invested in them this year to deal with our harsh conditions here along the North Shore! I think we're in for some of what you're getting this weekend!

aubirdwoman said...

oh no how do you survive.
at least its a good reason to make lots of warm quilts.
brrr keep warm.


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