Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Flaunt - A "Hole-y" Flimsy

This week has mostly been spent making plans for Stitchin' Mission #20 that begins next Tuesday, and this weekend's church quilting group retreat (I'm a co-chair) at Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp in Story City, Iowa.

But, I've managed a little sewing to piece Noah's Ark stitchery blocks for a wall hanging, for baby Tay's bedroom. Thanks to Skype (I couldn't live without it!), I was able to show my daughter a couple block layout possibilities. Between us we worked out this one.
Now it's an almost-complete flimsy (I love using that Aussie word!). Do you like the sashing/border fabric? It's a sort of after-the-storm print with a few weak light rays shining through. I think it nicely compliments the Noah's Ark theme and is a good boy color.

Perhaps you noticed the hole? That blank space right above the lambs and camels? That's where I'll stitch and insert one last block, a rectangle piece with Tay's full name, his date of birth, weight, and place of birth. Then, when the last bits of sashing and borders are sewn, the flimsy will measure 33" X 33".

I like it! That pencil-coloring made all the difference in the looks of this stitchery. I can't imagine how plain it would be without it. Learning how to color and set the color is all thanks to Helen Stubbings whose Colourque technique was the feature of a DVD in issue #39 of .Australian Quilters Companion Good stuff!


  1. Linda, I like this quilt and the fabric for the sashing is perfect for a Noah's Ark.

  2. Hi Linda,
    Love the sashing, and you're right the colouring in around the embroidery is magic. It really sets the sewing off, it would have been quite plain without. Lovely.

  3. It's gorgeous Linda! I love the sashing fabric you picked, it's perfect!

  4. This delightful little Flimsy is just perfect! Your darling little boy will cherish this lovely gift from his Nanna!



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