Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stitchery Do-Dah

Something else to do... Help! I think I'm out of control, yet I want to start another project. I've recently begun embroidering by hand. But to justify it, hand-embroidery does make another great traveling project. So, why do I have the embroidery bug now? Blame it on the Aussies!

Just check out what's we can see in the blogosphere! It's jam-packed with clever quilters who come up with all sorts of ways to change-up quiltmaking. Have you seen what can be done with selvages!?

In Aus, Oz, the land Down Under, AKA Australia, it appears that, increasingly, hand embroidered pieces are becoming quilts. Just check out Gail Pan Designs or Cinderberry Stitches or the Janelle Wind Collection among others. Seeing this stuff... well, it's starting to grow on me. Oh dear, before you know it I'll have a boat load (well, a bin full, at least) of embroidery patterns.

Embroidering along with me, Miss Kim, a great friend and our favorite dog-sitter, is also making Crabapple Hill Design's "Snowmen from A to Zzzz." She already has several blocks to show for herself.
Since I'm unsure whether I'll ever embroider all of them, I'm working on them in order of my favorites.
An Aunt Martha' hot iron transfer of "Noah's Ark" embroidery arrived in the mail a few days ago. Just declare me a hopeless case. Sure, I can stick to just one or two projects, instead of ten, but how much fun would that be?

I had to sneak in this picture of Hogan who continually gives us reasons to chuckle. We could never have gotten him to actually pose like this!


  1. You never cease to surprise me with your energy and talent! Please keep theb pics of the adorable Hogan coming too!

  2. Embroidery is a great take along project. Since I have started blogging I am doing more embroidery than I have done in years. So many great free patterns. Have fun.


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