Monday, September 7, 2009

Saving Selvages

Karen, who posts to Selvage Blog is giving me a new perspective on selvages. She has several tutorials for selvage-made items, and routinely posts about some super-creative quilter's new way to use them. I seem to be the only quilter whose new idea mojo is seriously lacking.

Once I began to think about trying a selvage-something myself, I started saving them. I've been surprised to see how quickly they've multiplied. Like bunnies and Stitchin' Mission fabric loaves, could they be breeding?
This deep drawer kept just for selvages is proof for Karen that I will make a selvage something-or-another, one of these days.


Carrie P. said...

When I first found the selvage blog it all fascinated me and I started saving mine too. Have not made anything yet but still saving.

Darlee said...

I love the selvage blog too! Why not try some Christmas stockings?


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