Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My View

Karen at SelvageBlog has been posting quilters' sewing room views. Perhaps you'll feel a bit sorry for me when you see my that I had to climb upon my ironing table to photograph.
The view is of the next door neighbor's side yard and garage. The picture seems foggy because it was shot through a plastic film over the window that's meant to keep cold air from blowing in around the window.

Sadly, there's nothing inspiring for me to look at while I sew, but I do have lots of sewing space. This is the entire, unfinished length of the basement. The area is approximately 12' X 25' (3-1/2 X 7-1/2 metres). At the end of the room you can see the ironing table on which I kneeled to take the photo through the window. (Click photos to enlarge.)
I have lots of good lighting with full-spectrum daylight bulbs in the overhead fixtures. A total of ten different lights illuminate all parts of the room.

In the photo below, on the left is a flannel-covered piece of foam insulation that serves as my design wall. That's "Snowflake Medallion," from Ballarat Patchwork (Aus), in progress.

Along the wall are cabinets and countertops left behind by the previous owner. They hold two large cutting mats, and the drawers and cupboards below hold lots of supplies.
My sewing spot has a tool cart full of notions handily on my right. And a little further to my right is an older Bernina set up for any friend who wants to stop by and sew along! Hint, hint.
DH built the ironing table for me. The top isn't attached so I can remove and wash the ironing cover when needed. It's pretty obvious, I have a fabric stash.
At the left forefront are two hollowcore sliding doors that rest on sawhorses. These were saved from a remodeling job at a previous house, and I'm so glad we kept them. Butted together, they're a great size (72" x 79") for basting or just laying out stuff. Quilters can never have too many table tops.
So, while my view isn't worth a pittance, the space I have for making quilts is wonderful. It's especially great when I can just walk away from my mess, go back upstairs, and pull the basement door shut behind me. No one's the wiser about how well I can trash a sewing room! Well, except for friends who take the hint and stop by to sew with me.

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  1. That is much too much space and far too tidy for me......LOL
    Just as well you did not make that visit....
    One day it will be tidy again.....for about half a day..LOL



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