Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Flaunt - Stockings (again!) & Snowflake Medallion

It's the weekly Friday Flaunt! Check Cinzia's blog for a complete list of "Frenzied Flaunters." Don't miss the great stuff everyone is doing. I can honestly say that participation keeps this quilter motivated!

The August "Season of Grace" BOM stockings designed by Pat Sloan are made. Mary and I are each making two identical stockings, then swapping one. These are three-dimensional so when the quilt is hanging, treats and treasures can be put inside the 25 stockings.
I'm as tickled as can be to share my progress on this "Snowflake Medallion" quilt designed by Emma at Ballarat Patchwork. My SnoMed is 50" X 50" now. I love the colors! All the fabrics came from quilt shops here in West Des Moines and Clive.
There are 28 teal colored Sawtooth Star blocks.
Then, there are not one, but two rounds of striped borders.
I'm glad I spent the time needed to figure out and sew the mitered corners.
But I confess: there was more than one border unsewn and resewn!
The next medallion rounds are green Flying Geese and applique blocks. Time to applique again.


  1. I'm drooling all over my keyboard here - stunning! Slow down so I can catch up, though (grin).

  2. Oh Linda, this looks wonderful. The blocks are so precise and the colours looks perfect together. I love it!

  3. Stunning work, Linda - your fabric selection is so inspiring! I love seeing your weekly progress.

  4. What a lovely quilt! I particularly love the teal and brown stars. Makes me wish I had more time in my studio.

  5. WOW those stars are something else... the close ups are beaut.. I would never have guessed the colour combinations from the whole quilt shot

  6. I am in Ballarat and have the great pleasure of having seen the Snowflake Medallion come to life, after many incarnations, on Emma's design wall. It really is beautiful, and shows how talented she is. I happened upon your blog by chance, so you can imagine my surprise to see it from over the other side of the world.
    Your colour selection truly does it justice. I have sent a link back to Emma, in case she hasn't seen it yet :o)
    ~Sonya (sago)

  7. Your snowflake is lovely eye candy in my favourite colours. Lovely piecing

  8. Beautiful colours.Love the star blocks.

  9. Linda I've just found your blog and so enjoyed reading today. The block you and Di are working on is simply beautiful. blessings, marlene


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