Thursday, August 20, 2009

Feeling Nostalgic

Today is the first day of the new school year for most of the kids in the Des Moines area. I knew this immediately when I drove Hogan (the dog) to a park for our morning walk.

Buses were rolling everywhere. Kids congregated on corners, waiting for them. I also saw the neighbor photographing her ready-for-school, backpack clad daughter. It made me fondly remember all the years I took first-day photos of our two children who are now 33 and 29 years old.

I've been looking through piles of loose photos - oh what a trip down memory lane! And it's long past time to get the pictures organized. Yikes. I couldn't find our son's first-day-of-school picture, though I searched in several likely places.

Here's what I did find: our daughter's first day of kindergarten in 1981. I always loved her French-braided hair.
And here she is a few years later, in 1987, with her little brother. She's ready for sixth grade; he's ready for second grade. He never liked wearing blue jeans, insisting sweatpants were more comfortable. I made them in a variety of colors, for much less money than the price of jeans.
Now back to the photos strewn all over the bedroom. I wish I'd done a better job taking care of them... twin prints, negatives, and professional photos. Many of them have turned orange. I really appreciate that our digital age makes photo-taking and storage more efficient.


Carrie P. said...

Cute pictures of the kids. I wish I knew that those magnetic photo albums were going to ruin my pictures before I put them in. UGH!

Sue said...

Love your blog Linda. I have just discovered it, and will now keep looking. Thanks so much for the tutorials.
I live in New Zealand, and as I write this, it's 5pm Friday 21st.August.
You might like to check out my blog

Julie said...

Your daughter looks very much like you, especially in the first photograph with the braids! I don't think I will ever get too old to remember the kids first day at school! Magic Memories.


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