Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Flaunt - Scalloped Binding

Call it a finished "Big Sister" quilt! It took a bit more time and patience to add binding. Though the sides are straight, the top and bottom edges are scalloped.

As always, when preparing to sew binding to a quilt, I mark a straight edge around the perimeter of the quilt to ensure it's on the perpendicular.

On medium and dark colored fabrics I like to use a Clover White Marking Pen. The line disappears from the heat of an iron.
The quilt sides have kiwi-colored binding. I sew binding to a quilt with batting and backing still attached.
Then, I rotary trim 3/8" from the sewing line, removing the batting and backing.
Time for the thinking cap! It took a little math to figure out how wide to make seven scallops that curve evenly along the quilt top and bottom. From parchment paper I made a pattern and drew onto the fabric following the curve.
For the scalloped binding I cut a stripe on the bias.
With a walking foot, and a slow pace following the marked line, the curves were easy.
The inverted corners took a little more effort. At each one I stopped sewing, pulled the quilt from under the needle, folded and pinned a miter, and then resumed sewing.
Again, I trimmed away batting and backing 3/8" from the stitching.
With the quilt back side up, and laying on my lap and legs, I stitched the binding to the quilt back using a blind stitch.
The inverted miters turned out pretty good!

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  1. Such a beautiful quilt....I love the colours, and an special thank you for showing how you do your scalloped binding,it is always helpful to get a new perspective.I tend to shy away from scalloped borders because they scare me!Not anymore!

  2. Thank you for the step by step instructions... I had been thinking of trying scallops but wasn't sure on where to start. They really add a wow factor to a beautiful quilt.


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