Thursday, July 2, 2009

An Aussie Whatcha Call-it

For our grandson who is expected in October in Sydney, Australia, I've made this... hmm, not sure what to call it! 

I combined two ideas from Australian designers:  Kiki Koala by Funky Friends Factory, and Bambino by Melly & Me

Kiki Koala's head and arms are made of flannel, and the Bambino "body" is Minkee Blankee.  

The best part is that I get to deliver this... what do you call it!?


  1. I call it "too darn cute"! That little bub is going to love his "security blanket" and I can see it becoming a favourite. You might want to make 2 the same though. Our little granddaughter has a soft toy tiger she takes everywhere, so early on we decided she needed an identical spare for when one was in the wash (or left behind). Just a thought :-)

  2. "A Cuddly" perhaps my daughter now almost 20 had a satin edged blanket she called "Thumb" we worked out when she was older she named it that because it 'made' her suck her thumb!

  3. Well.... I LOVE it and I'm sure your little boy will as well.
    We have a grandchild due in October as well, she/he will be born in Macao, no not Macao the hospitals there don't allow the fathers in on the birth and they don't want to have it in China so they will move to Hong Kong. This is grandchild #5 for us and we can't wait to meet him/her.

  4. That is a seriously cute cuddly, I like Di's idea of having 2 identical ones so you can wash one!


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