Friday, January 13, 2023


Typically I am a flitter-er, and that's what I've been over the past week. Jumping from project to project, I've given attention to my clamshell piece. Only the last two rows left to hand needleturn appliqué.

I took my Dropcloth Sampler with me to stitch while at Tuesday afternoon's Big Cypress Quilters. It's coming along. 

It's not unusual that weekly Big Cypress Quilters meetings include a table of freebies. People who are are cleaning out, or have lost interest in quilting and crafting will bring their stuff to find new homes. I picked up this old box of never-used rug-braiding tools. Instructions were published in 1987!

Since I am very interested in braiding, and have made three braided rugs using Ilka White's (Australia) method learned during two virtual workshops, this method seems attractive because it's so different. Fabrics are fed through a tool that turns raw edges to the inside. After braiding, the rope braid is woven together with strong cord. I'm anxious to try it. 

Also, because I'm a quilter, all non-quilters think I want, or know of someone who wants, quilting items. This week, one of my line dance instructors handed me a bag with these two large hunks of fabric. They're very old (no year on the selvage) printed panels made by Springs, Inc. They're definitely not me (!), but I'm sure someone at Big Cypress Quilters will take them. 

At 2022 QuiltCon Phoenix I met Clara of @bimbambuki_blog who's on Instagram, and is a blogger. She's originally from Germany, and now lives in Manhattan. Clara's group quilt, Dance III (left) won a third place ribbon at QuiltCon Phoenix.

She's had another group quilt accepted into QuiltCon Atlanta (February 23-26).
When Clara put out a call for blocks for her latest group quilt concept, I let her know I'd like to participate, especially since I can deliver my block to her at QuiltCon.

Her idea is called "A Quilt of Things That Bring Me Joy." Basically, I need to make a block (10 cm to 30 cm) using only solids, with a white background and something that reflects an item that brings me joy. Hopefully you can tell I'm hand appliquéing a ukulele. I'm using the back-basting appliqué method. 

This is my Enya tenor ukulele that was new to me last October. 

Though I've been playing a ukulele for about five years now, until last fall, all I've done is strum. My new uke has prompted me to try to learn more, which I've been doing by watching YouTube videos and practicing about an hour a day.

Plucking and chucking, are what I'm learning, though I can't say I'm seeing much improvement! I feel like I'm head-learning - knowing more chords and plucking patterns. Physically my fingers are NOT keeping up with my head knowledge. I've mentioned this to other ukulele-players and every one without fail says keep practicing. I'm at a plateau, and will make another up-climb. Hmm.

 Clara asked me if I'd play my uke, so here's my one-minute, reluctant, clumsy, very nervous, and fumbling attempt to play I Love to Tell the Story - flub-ups and all.

Rather than play the ukulele for a blog audience, I feel much more comfortable giving you a book review! 

Book Recommendation
Of course I'd learn after reading Sugar and Spice that it's the fourth in the Bella Vista Chronicles by Susan Wiggs. However, it reads well as a stand-alone book, so don't let that keep you from it.

Salt is the name of a dream-come-true restaurant designed by Margo Salton, a young and beautiful Texas barbecue queen who has settled in San Francisco. She's left a past that included the death of her mother, supporting herself at the age of 16, and a vicious rape that resulted in her unjustly spending months in jail.

Now, as she's nervously anticipating the opening of
Salt, she's concerned that the new friends she's made - they own the Sugar bakery that she shares the building with - may not want want to be around her once they learn about the past she can never leave behind. 

The author has included in her story: interracial marriage; homosexuality; and controversial abortion and adoption situations. She gives the reader lots to think about.

Linda's score: 3.8/5.0



  1. I loved your ukulele video. Absolutely wonderful to see you play and sing. What a cute quilt block too!

  2. Oh Linda!!! I so enjoyed your ukulele playing and singing!!! And I think you’re quite amazing at it.

  3. Fun projects all! I'll need to see the video when the internet is back to 'fast' time, between 2 am and 8 am except for 1 or 2 days a month. Long and heavy week as we laid our beloved pastor to rest in eternal peace today.

  4. Just listened to your ukulele video - congratulations, I loved it! You certainly are busy with quite a few projects but that's how I like to work also, I find it difficult to work on just one project constantly.

  5. Variety is the spice of life, and there you are! Have fun!

  6. Your uke block is going to be so cute and reflects you well. Nice job on your singing/playing video! I'll bet your breakthrough on the learning curve is just around the corner- keep at it. The drop cloth project is looking good. Do you have thoughts about where to use it? It seems like a relaxing and portable project for "between" big projects.

  7. I so enjoyed your little ukulele video. It was lovely. Thank you for sharing. I have no musical talent or knowledge but enjoy listening to some every day.

  8. I enjoyed reading about all your flittings, Linda! Are you going to make your next braided rug out of wool? Wool braided rugs were my mom's specialty. She bought wool coats at thrift stores.


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