Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Kantha Sew Along Finish!

In the middle of May, I began hand-stitching a Kantha quilt when I joined the 2022 Alison Glass Stitch Club Kantha Sew Along. I finished it Saturday, August 20. 

In my four decades (plus) of quiltmaking, I've never spent more time hand-stitching any quilt than I have this 54" X 75" Kantha. Even hubs, who usually doesn't pay attention to what I'm working on, recently remarked, "Isn't that thing dead yet?!" 

Last week I knotted all the thread ends and clipped off the tails. 

Then I finished each side of the quilt by turning in the sides and securing them with a hand overcast stitch.

I'm sure I spent an inordinate amount of time stitching not only because I'm slow, but I quilted rows more densely together than necessary. Rows are about ¼" to ⅜" apart.

Though Kantha is usually made with a single front layer of fabric and a single back layer (no batting), a pre-washed layer of flannel is in between the front and back of mine. That's because prints on the front were shadowing through the yellow fabric on the back. The flannel didn't make it any more difficult to stitch. 

Fabric on the back is mostly this yellow Paintbrush Studios prairie cloth...

...but I also pieced in this busy Sally Kelly print. 

When viewed outdoors in the natural light, the texture can't be missed! 

I chose hand-embroidered words for the back that are from the Bible:  A glad heart makes a happy face; (...a broken heart crushes the spirit). Proverbs 15:13 

"glad heart. happy face."

Even though I can't reach the lower branches of our Bismarck palm for quilt-hanging and photos,  it's nice to still see it above my quilt stand. 

Stitch Club Kantha Quilt, 54" X 75"

Since this quilt took so long to make, I did some number-crunching when I finished it. I hand stitched:
  • 194 passes along the 75" length of the quilt (not counting the edge finish)
  • an average of 145 stitches in each pass
  • making a total of approximately 30,066 stitches
I emptied these balls and a spool of #8 Eleganza perle cotton, and several #8 Prescensia Vinca.

Total quantity of thread used to make a 54" X 75" Kantha quilt:
  • 15,268" that's equal to 
  • 424 yards that's equal to 
  • .241 miles of perle cotton (.388K) 
Wonderfil and Prescensia companies must certainly love me! I'm happy to call it done, and relieved to be finished before the August 31 deadline. Linda


  1. "Not dead dear, alive with joy and a glad heart!" This is a beautiful finish Linda, well worth the time and effort you put into it.

  2. It turned out so gorgeous Linda! Definitely worth every stitch!

  3. A marathon quilting effort! And it looks amazing!

  4. Wow, wow, WOW! It looks absolutely beautiful and the texture is stunning. I'll bet you just love running your fingers over the quilt with all of those lovely quilty bumps. Great finish and well done getting to done by the deadline.

  5. What an amazing achievement Linda! The stitching and the texture are truly amazing!

  6. Congratulations on your finish! You were certainly determined to meet your deadline. I love that thin layer of soft flannel in your quilt.

  7. Wow, Linda! This is so wonderful. Makes us want to reach out and touch all that soft texture. The empty spools certainly tell a story on this! Well done.

  8. WOW!!!! This is so beautiful!!!!! I admire your dedication and patience with all that hand stitching!!!! Love the colors and the texture!!! Well done Linda!!!

  9. It came out beautiful! I love a densely hand quilted quilt. Enjoy it!

  10. Oh my, congrats on your wonderful finish, Linda!!! Glad and happy, indeed!!! I love the gentle ripples the quilting creates!!!

  11. Do hope the label you put on back reflects some of the extra that went into this quilt...,,.,

  12. What an accomplishment! I love reading the stats. It's a beauty.

  13. Beautiful job!! You accomplished what I discussed with you!! After my small one I decided not to attempt that but seeing yours has me inspired to do as you and modify and try to do a large one. But I think I'ld make it a long term project. Loved the stats and gave enjoyed following your posts on it.
    Kane SFMQG


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