Monday, January 24, 2022

It' Been a Full Ten Days

It's unlike me to go ten days between blog posts, but my schedule of activities has kept me either preparing to go, or on the go!

Two Saturdays ago we had special guests. Julie and her husband Doug came for dinner. 

I like setting our table for four, using all the bright Fiestaware dishes, scrappy placemats, and peg loom woven chair pads. Dan made a fantastic vegetarian lasagne especially for our guests, and along with a tossed salad and my homemade French bread, a lovely pinot noir, and homemade key lime pie, the meal couldn't have been better. 

Julie @consistentlydifferentdesigns and I met through Instagram! I began following her account after seeing the clothing she makes featured on @sewover50. She's so talented, and often dyes or prints fabric that she makes into clothing! Julie lives in Rochester, Minnesota, so with a mutual appreciation for life in the Midwest, our first FaceTime call lasted for two-hours! I told her about life in our retirement community, so they planned a January escape to sunny Florida. It was during their week-long "lifestyle visit" that we had them over for dinner, and hit it off so well that four hours passed in a blink!
It was wonderful to meet both of them, and find so much to talk about! We will definitely stay in touch!

Last Thursday I drove to Hernando, Florida to give my What is Modern Quilting? slide program, and trunk show. 

More than 50 members attended the Citrus Friendship Quilt Guild meeting. I really appreciated their generous feedback and thank-yous afterward. It's always fun for me to giving this program and share my love of modern quilts, especially to a traditional quilt guild. I've been told that Central Florida MQG may see some visitors at our February 12 meeting!

On Saturday I taught ten members of Central Florida MQG what I know about how to make a modern quilt using a 9° or 10° wedge ruler. 

If you're noticing that it looks like we're in a kitchen, you're right! Our chapter president, Karen, opened her home for our workshop, and we really appreciate that! Typical workshop venues have either not re-opened, or are too expensive for our chapter. 

Everyone followed my Carousel Quilt pattern that makes into a 33" X 33" quilt. Most of them went home with a wedge circle ready to appliqué to a background. I loved seeing the bright colors everyone chose!

This is the braided rag run I've begun making for my Texas friend, Patty, who sent me a box of fabrics in her home decor colors. I started braiding four strands with home dec fabric and a kitchen towel. 

As the rug grew, I added braids and am now working with ten strands of home dec fabric, flannel shorts, a cotton sheet, and a man's dress shirt (the dark red). Patty's giving feedback and says these colors are in her wheelhouse. That's the affirmation I need! 

Many of you commented on my last blog post about the staircase photo I chose as inspiration for the next Central Florida MQG challenge quilt - use a photo of architecture to inspire a modern quilt. I thought I was good to go until Patty (the same friend I'm braiding the rug for) reminded me that when we were on a cruise together, I'd taken a picture of a colorful building I thought would make a great modern quilt. 

Whoa! I'd forgotten it. I quickly changed gears! The building I photographed in 2019 is the Miami Children's Museum. I pulled these ten Painter's Palette solids for my quilt. I'm much happier with these because the colors are "me." Though I don't have a design or plan, I've begun cutting and piecing fabrics, and arranging them on the design wall. 

Book Recommendation
Early Morning Riser
 by Katherine Heiny is another "okay" story, enjoyable for its gentle humor and entertainment value.

Jane is a second grade school teacher who falls into bed with Duncan when he comes to her house to do some repair work. He's a notorious Wisconsin womanizer. After his failed marriage to Aggie, he's also an avowed bachelor. Yet, Jane finds him particularly attractive and engaging. Because of her attachment to him, she meets and becomes friends with the people he knows - Aggie who is ever-present because Duncan is everyone's handyman; Aggie's eccentric husband Gary; and Jimmie, Duncan's slow-minded employee in the furniture refinishing shop. Add to the group, Jane's girlfriend, a music teacher/mandolin-player, and you've got a mix of unique personalities. Their interesting interactions create a story about making amends, and accepting life's circumstances. 
Linda's score: 3.6/5.0

I don't know who wrote An Iowa Poem, but it's funny - particularly if you've ever been in Iowa in the wintertime (I lived there for more than 35 years). Stay warm, my northern friends!



  1. You've had an action packed week. So wonderful that you got to spend time with your friends. Your new braided rug looks wonderful. That burgundy fabric is really "popping" in the rug and gives it a wonderful spark.
    I look forward to seeing what you make for your CFMQG project. Love the colours you have chosen.

  2. It's always wonderful to have friends over for a meal, and spend special time with them. You certainly have been busy sharing your live of modern quilting, and braiding that rug for a friend.

  3. Beautiful table setting! Love that you got to meet one of your IG friends in person. And YAY for that fabric pull and inspiration photo - looks like some fun ahead!

  4. Love your Fiesta table. So cheerful and bright.
    I'd love to see your program. I'll pass you name along.
    Looks like a great workshop.
    Have fun with your challenge. Houston has calls for quilts of architecture.

  5. Love your Fiesta! I too collect. Your table looks oh so pretty! And veggie lasagna sounds delish! Love your wedge workshop! Everyone's turned out so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Cindy! You're a "no reply commenter," so I can't reply to you personally. But I wanted to thank you for your comment, and for liking Fiestaware. I like to see people's collections, especially because I don't know anyone else who collects it! I wish I could express how good Dan's lasagne was. He's such a good cook, and worked out how to make it without it being runny. It was fabulous! Teaching the wedge quilt workshop is really fun because the students enjoy it, and are happy to take home a nearly finished quilt top. That's always a plus. Glad you enjoyed this post. Thank you!

  6. The table setting, meal, and company- all delightful. Well now I am VERY impressed at having that large a group all successfully cutting, sewing and pressing in Karen's home. She must have worked hard to come up with enough stations for everyone. Karen is a winner! The poem- laugh out loud for anyone who has lived in the north! The one thing I most remember about sub-zero temps is breathing in and your nose sticking shut. You had to breathe through your nose because it hurt too much to breathe open mouth. Looks like your lecture went well.

  7. I can imagine you are thrilled to be back in your element. Out teaching and sharing your love of modern quilting. Are you still going to QuiltCon next month? If so, hope you have a great time. I'd still like to go again when the time and location are right. In the meantime, I hope to get back to quilting soon. It's been awhile.

  8. Making a new friend is always cause for celebration! And Julie and her husband were surely impressed by the delicious meal and your quilt collection! I think you are on to a winner with the new architectural inspiration photo- those colours are so YOU!

  9. What fun to meetup with your friend and your class looks like an absolute blast, Linda!

  10. I just binge read through your blog starting with the first mentioning and pictures of a kawandi quilt. This was surely a great inspirational ride and I also wanted to share my congrats for entering to QuiltCon with 3 Quilts (I honestly also liked the scrappy circles very much as well!).
    If you like, have a look at my Instagram (patch'n'quilty) although I am not half as productive as you are.
    Have a great day!

    1. Hello Julia! (Did you know you're a "no reply-commenter"? I'm glad you found reading my blog "a great inspirational ride!" Wow. You must be interested in making Kawandi. I hope you give it a go. It's quite satisfying. Thank you for your congratulations about my QuiltCon acceptances too! I'm so excited about going to that big event, and it's extra special that I'll have quilts in the show. I will sure take a look at your Instagram feed. It's always nice to see what other quiltmakers are up to. Thanks for visiting!

  11. Sounds like a wonderful 10 days even if you didn't have time to blog about it until now!

  12. No need to answer all my comments--I'm finally getting around to commenting--and it's actually quite fun to see the beginnings of project I've seen pop up on IG--like your architecture quilt. I'll keep reading...


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