Saturday, October 30, 2021

Quilt Show - Modern

Last weekend's (Oct. 23-24) quilt show - the Broward Quilt Expo in Pembroke Pines, Florida - was a nice, and very-much-missed opportunity to see modern quilts in person. This bi-annual show is jointly put-on by seven different quilt guilds, one of which is South Florida Modern. 

Quite a few of modern makers earned awards for their quilts. Of course, those are the quilts that attracted my attention. Also, these quilters have become friends during my virtual membership in South Florida Modern. 
Category: Modern - Two Person
First Place - Sherry Pasquariello @otterbeequilting
Quilter - Deborah Krajkowski
Brightline 60" X 60"

Category: Modern - Two Person
Honorable Mention - Catherine Wilson @cwi1sOncot
Quilter - U Sun
Happy Daze 65" X 45"

I know Charlotte well enough to share that this quilt (below) was not accepted into QuiltCon 2021. Happily, she's trying again for QC 2022.
Category: Modern - Single Maker
First Place - Charlotte Noll @kirkenoll
View Through My Quarantine 64" X 54"

Charlotte also won "Best Hand Quilting" and that's a well-deserved award. The whole quilt is big stitch quilted. 

Her stitching is remarkable!

Category: Small Quilts
First Place - Cheri Ucci @cheriucci
Trier House Side Chair 27" X 40"

Close-up of Cheri's quilt.

Category: Small Quilts
Second Place - Diane Paquin Provost @dianepacquinprovost
Compote 26" X 37"

Category: Small Quilts
Third Place - Lori Monaco @loloquilts
Groovy Baby

Again, I was attracted by the big stitch quilting. 

Category: Small Quilts
Honorable Mention - Diane Paquin Provost @dianepacquinprovost
Q is for Quebec 22" X 22"

Intermediate - Single Maker
Maureen Drudi @maydecemberquilts
It's Just Beachy 51" X 61"

I love that Maureen quilted this herself, and wrote beach words across the quilt.

Though this quilt isn't modern, it's very significant to me, having had breast cancer (diagnosed in 2013), and October being Breast Cancer Awareness month. Is it significant that the maker's last name is Acevedo... the same as my oncologist, Dr. Acevedo?
Art Quilts Original Creative Design
Liz Acevedo
Facing Cancer 30" X 40"

And, as long as we're attending quilt shows... this is my Illusions of Victor quilt that's now hanging at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. Two friends attended, and each sent pictures. I appreciate their thoughtfulness.

I made this quilt in 2020 for the Central Florida MQG "Mid Century Modern Artist Challenge." Inspiration is from the work of Victor Vasarely. 

If you'd like to view a two minute video of the exhibit of Modern Quilts at the International Quilt Festival, check out Sarah Ruiz's @saroy Instagram story . Nineteen modern quilts were in the display, and I'm very honored that mine was one of them. Illusions of Victor will next be displayed at QuiltCon 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Book Recommendation
Where I Lost Her by Tammy Greenwood is a story about the love and loss experienced by a woman who cannot bear children.

Husband and wife, Jake and Tess, live in New York where their careers are in the book publishing world. When they return to visit friends in Tess's hometown, a small, summer-vacation community, Tess is only surviving, living on past unfulfilled dreams of becoming a mother by adoption.

When Tess makes a late night drive for wine, she sees a small child on a lonely road and stops to help. However, when she reports this "lost girl" sighting to local police, they're doubtful. No one has reported a missing child. Still, a community hunt ensues... without success at finding her. Tess must face those who disclaim her statements. In addition, Tess is facing the fact that Jake has been unfaithful. So, Tess remains at a her friend's house, determined to find the little girl, even if it means looking for answers herself.

Linda's score: 3.8/5.0



  1. Illusions of Victor - a tremendous quilt!! Love the colour, love the design. So sorry to read that you were diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago Linda, hope all is well now. Thank you for sharing the photos here, a wonderful selection.

  2. Love your quilt and how nice it is hanging at the festival for people to see and enjoy.
    Thanks for sharing the modern quilts. Amazing work.

  3. Nice selection of quilts from the show. Charlotte's hand stitching is beautifully done- she went the extra mile. How nice to have photos of your quilt in Houston. Wouldn't you love to stand near by and hear comments of the viewers? Ah, the Autumn cool down is quite welcome, don't you think?

  4. Congrats on your quilt hanging in the Showcase!!! And thanks for sharing a lot of quilts I've never seen before. Always enjoy a good virtual show.

  5. Wow! It is really an honor to have a quilt hung at IQF! Good for you!

  6. I'm excited both our quilts are hanging in the show and pleased we've got friends who can share photos!

  7. Thanks for the quilt show, including yours! Loved looking at all the big stitch quilting.

  8. IQF display AND set to be shown at QuiltCon 2022? Congratulations, Linda!!!

  9. Congrats on your quilt hanging in Houston—wow! And then to QC next year—can’t wait to see it! I have always loved that quilt, with all its array of colors. Such a huge honor and your deserve it! Thanks also for the quilt show. So fun to see!


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