Friday, October 8, 2021

Challenge and QAL Quilts

Last weekend was spent prepping two quilts for sandwiching. Having stocked a few wide-backs, I found just the backings needed for sandwiching and pin-basting my challenge quilts for Central Florida MQG and South Florida MQG. 

My "Chips and Charms Challenge" quilt (blocks could be no larger than 5") for Central Florida MQG doesn't yet have a name. Quilter's Dream Cotton Request is the batting. 

For the South Florida MQG "Curve Around Challenge," my Playin' Around quilt is coming along. Quilter's Dream Puff is the batting I chose for this one. 

After drawing circles on the quilt top using my acrylic nested circle rulers and a purple disappearing ink pen, I quilt with my walking foot. My Bernina 770QE stitch length is set at 3.15. 

I'm happy with the dimension that Puff gives, so the circles within circles within circles really show up.

When the quilt has been circled almost to death, I'll go back in and free motion quilt smaller circles in random places. 

Continuing with week 6 of the Finger Paints QAL, I pieced the last block (lower right), and went ahead and assembled the nine blocks into this 67½" X 67½" quilt top. I'd love to win Laura's QuiltFortCompany top QALprize - free longarm quilting for a Finger Paints quilt! I haven't had a quilt long-arm quilted since 2000.

Thanks to my friend Karen who alerted me to a 25 percent-off, September fabric sale, I was able to buy more of my favorite Painter's Palette solids from The Quilt Place in Orlando, Florida. Painter's Palette was $5.96 a yard, so I added 14 colors to my stash, totaling 34 yards. Four of the color were "refills" due to being mostly used-up: Maize, Patriot, Aruba and Pale Aqua.

Though I can't say I needed these fabrics, I've been monitoring the continuing rise in cotton prices. Today it is $1.13/pound. When quilt shops increased their retail prices back in April/May, cotton was 91¢. Hope you're paying attention quilting friends... 

Over a couple evenings, I was able to hand-stitch the facing on my Artisan Challenge quilt. The quilt is done now, with no name. Next I need to take pictures of this and a couple other QuiltCon entries. That's my plan for next week. 

Book Recommendations
I struggled to finish Waiting for the Night Song by Julie Carrick Dalton, one of the slowest-moving, repetitive, and predictable books I've read in months.

Cadie returns to her hometown to look for a particular beetle that she's recently found in a nearby forest. She's convinced that the insects are putting vast stretches of forest land in jeopardy. While in her childhood home, memories resurface that she's spent years trying to forget. Looking back on those years, she recalls an idyllic summer, rowing across lakes, picking and selling blueberries, and sharing adventures with her new best friend, Daniella. But when she unexpectedly faces "the adventure boy" who plays a significant part of a summer memory that must remain secret, she wants the truth to come out - to be released from the burden she's carrying. 

The author has used this story to express views about global warming and immigration, themes that are so over-riding to the story, that the plot was hard to find. I was truly glad when this book ended.

Linda's score: 2.0/5.0

Every Vow You Break by Peter Swanson is a story that, though highly improbable, moved along. The premise is that Abigail is in love and will marry Bruce, an all-round good guy who happens to have made his wealth in technology. At her bachelorette party, Abigail has a one-night stand, and decides to keep it from Bruce. She and Bruce have a beautiful wedding, and he secrets his new bride away to a remote island, a place that was once a boy's camp/girl's camp. The lodge and bunks have been renovated and are luxurious, and the wait staff is attentive to every guest's whim. Abigail notices that there's only one other female guest, a newlywed too. They start chatting, and Abigail discovers that their backgrounds are uncomfortably similar. Abigail begins to wonder if this place, and maybe even her husband, aren't what they seem.  

My score is based on indiscriminate sex and vulgarity that detracted from an entertaining read. 
Linda's score: 3.2/5.0

On my golf cart drive to line dancing early Tuesday morning, I had to pull over to take a picture of the glorious sunrise. Praise and grateful thanks to God for his beautiful creation! 

My kind of weekend is ahead! Central Florida MQG meeting, and through South Florida MQG, a six-hour (over two days) Intriguing Interleaves Zoom workshop with Mel Beach. Linda


  1. Your quilted look wonderful, but what about all those ends that need tying off and burying? Or do you use a lock stitch at both ends?

  2. Wow, you have been so productive in your quilting endeavors of late! Love the circular quilting you are doing. It looks like it would be rather slow and tedious using the walking foot, but your results are just wonderful. With fabric prices skyrocketing I'm thinking there will be a lot more stash shopping and sharing rather than buying new among many quilters. The stash will last way longer than I will, I'm afraid! Beautiful sunrise.

  3. So much color and fun! Your Finger Paints came out beautifully. How was the class/QAL with Laura?

  4. All three quilts are coming along beautifully, Linda. Love, love, LOVE that Chips and Charm entry! My friends and I just had a discussion about the price of cotton. Sigh...

  5. LOOOOVE how your Finger Paints quilt developed!!

  6. Love the puffy batting. Really shows off your beautiful quilting. Wonderful again!

  7. All three of these are looking so good, Linda! And oh, that sky.

  8. Doing tight circles with a walking foot on a big quilt must get a bit difficult to maneuver around (and around and around). Nevertheless, it was a great choice for quilting this quilt!

  9. Your Playin' Around quilt is just beautiful! My Fingerpaints blocks are still all up on my design wall, haven't sewn a single thing together yet, and I need my design wall back so I better get started! If I were as talented at FMQing as you are, I would quilt my own, but I'm not so mine go to my favorite longarm quilter.

  10. Those quilted circles are especially nice. I enjoyed my ruler quilting lesson but don't plan to add ruler quilting to my repertoire, so I enjoyed seeing circles you just drew and quilted. Looks like that batting worked well, too.


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