Monday, May 24, 2021

Kawandi #7

In the past week I started, and finished my seventh kawandi (the Indian word for quilt), since learning how to make them last December in a virtual workshop with Sujata Shah @therootconnection. Sujata's workshop is Stories in Stitches: Siddi Quilt.

My supplies are scrap fabrics; Quilter's Dream Request Cotton batting; Aurifil #12-weight thread in the off-white color 2021; and Bohin Crewel needles size 7. I love my Warm Crochet brand scissors too (won in an Instagram giveaway). 

This 17" X 24" kawandi was inspired by one I saw on Instagram, made by @quilterbeth using only stripes and solids, both of which I have in plenty.

These outdoor pictures really show the texture that hand-stitching gives to the piece. 
back of kawandi

I took this picture on the lanai table to show off the fact that my African violet is blooming again! It previously bloomed in February. 

The piece is now on the kitchen table where it looks good with our colorful Fiestaware. 

If you're intrigued by kawandi, I suggest following the Instagram hashtag kawandi - #kawandi That way you won't miss seeing what others are creating. 

In between times, all I have been doing is prep work for hand projects. It's surprising how much time it takes to choose and cut fabrics for EPP (English paper-pieced) Prudence blocks. 

These little rubber-banded bundles are each a cut and glue-basted EPP set to make one Prudence block. They'll keep me busy for a while. 

See my little Zappy Dot in the picture? That's a needle holder is where I rest my needle in between uses. Because it's magnetized, I can put it on my Zappy Dots bracelet (magnetic dots are interchangeable). Handy, right?

Book Recommendation
Afterlife by Julia Alvarez centers on Antonia Vega who has just retired from a career as a college English professor. Her husband has suddenly died, and she's feeling lost (in a new afterlife). Yet, she must support the people who need her: three sisters, and an undocumented, pregnant, immigrant teen. Because Antonia is a Puerto Rican immigrant herself, not only is her ability to communicate and translate needed, but her understanding of different cultures is valuable. Torn between her sisters' needs and those of immigrants, she must determine how to live in her new life. 

Lots of Spanish is spoken in this audiobook, some of which isn't repeated in English, so the listener is left to work it out in context. The story included lots of references to famous literature, and much of the book is spent focusing on personal character insights.  Linda's Score 3.5/5.0

After going to the Saturday Farmer's Market, we stopped at the grocery store: Publix. This is the new COVID-19 customer policy. While I'm completely in favor of it, isn't it impossible to enforce? How many non-vaccinated people will wear a mask? 

One of the "necessary" Publix purchases was this ice cream. As you can see, it's Publix's "limited edition," so I had to jump on that right away! This flavor has been highly recommended, though I can't yet attest to how good it is. 

Signage from El Arroyo in Austin, Texas, says what I think about ice cream.

I can't end this post without commenting about the topic I shared in my May 12 blog post: Fabric Stash is a Lesson in Economics.

climbing cotton prices
Sadly, as anticipated, it happened.

Sometime last week, my favorite shop for buying Painter's Palette Solids at a fabulous price ($5.96 a yard), raised the price to $7.96 a yard.

A $2 a yard jump!

I saw this coming. Well, hubs saw it coming, and explained to me (which I shared with you in the blog post) why the price of bulk cotton would increase, and end in all of us - the consumers - paying higher prices for quilting cotton.

It doesn't feel very good to be right.

The only good news is that this shouldn't affect the price of cotton batting. The reason is that batting is made with "stripper cotton," a different, inferior type of cotton that hasn't seen price fluctuations.

"I told you so," isn't a nice thing to say, but I really hope you stocked up on your quilting cotton fabrics before prices went up. I won't be buying quilting cotton fabric for a long time, unless there's a big sale!



  1. The seventh of seven shops that I use to shop is retiring next month. Last week I went through that I don't need any more fabric routine, and I don't. There is no way I can sew all that I have and I still like repros even if they are called traditional or classic now. I have enough brights for hundreds of pillowcases. Really I need no more fabric. So have I saved money???

  2. I keep looking at those Kawandi quilts and want to make one. First step will be to start following that hashtag.
    Our local big box has the same sign for masks. I can’t believe any employee would feel comfortable asking for proof of vaccinations. So we are back to hoping people that aren’t vaccinated will still mask for others that aren’t or can’t be vaccinated, but I have very little faith that they will.

  3. I wish here in New Zealand we only had to pay $8 for our fabric. That converted to NZ dollars is $11. Any really nice fabric here is upwards of approx. $20 to $30 a metre which is 3" more than a yard. Converting NZ$25 to US$ is 18. Be Happy!! haha. I really like the Kawandi quilts. They are so cute. I think the hand quilting certainly makes them appealing.
    We haven't had our first vaccine yet....I think it's supposed to happen around July. I have just finished listening to a really great my opinion. It's set in Australia. It's called 'The Secret Life of Shirley Sullivan' by Lisa Ireland.

  4. Yes, I should have ordered more of those solids earlier, sigh. Love the new kawandi, it's always interesting how the lighting variations make certain colors appear more prominent. It's a perfect mat for your Fiesta pieces. If we're vaccinated we're supposed to be safe, right? My motto still applies - faith over fear!

  5. That ice cream wouldn't still be sitting in my freezer, Linda! It looks delicious! Your Prudence blocks are fabulous!

  6. Is it still a Kawandi without the special corner triangles? Just kidding. I really like this striped version, Linda! Thanks for the hashtag to follow. I stocked up at the Pineapple Fabrics sale. Solids on the pound table figured out to be $3-$4/yard. WIN!!

  7. In Europe, one yard cost around 20 euros = 25 USD! yes :-(. Be very happy ;-)
    Kawandi is very nice to sew. Yours is nice with these fabrics. Have a nice day!

  8. The Kawandi is very nice- you are a whiz at making these. Wow to the ice cream. Let us know what you think of it. The sign on masks for the unvaccinated in many places leaves me a little perplexed. There must be an entire large group of people who had the illness and have antibodies from it. They seem to be left out of every policy discussion. They should be as safe as someone vaccinated, right? Yikes- the cotton price took quite a jump.

  9. I like your stripy kawandi. The ice cream looks delicious! I was out and about this weekend and at least half the people were not wearing masks anymore. I started wearing a mask before it was recommended and I will continue to wear a mask. I don't think this pandemic is over. I did get vaccinated, but I am still going to wear a mask if nothing else so I don't get a cold! It has been so nice to go a year and a have without a cold!

    I got my fabric from The Quilt Place and some of it was the solids. I have a pretty good stash of solids right now. If you think the price of cotton fabric is high, have you priced chicken? At my favorite meat market they usually have boneless, skinless, chicken breast on sale for $3.29 a pound. Last week the sale price was $5.29! Yikes!

  10. Love your kawandi, love your prudence blocks and love the look of that ice-cream. Bon apetit :)

  11. Love Love Love your striped Kawandi! It's so very you and fits perfectly with your Fiestaware. I was talking with my longarm quilter yesterday about fabric prices going up and she mentioned that batting is going up too and the bamboo batting she uses is back ordered until August!

  12. Your Kawandi mat is beautiful. I have a needle holder with a magnet that I keep on my hand sewing bag, so I know what you mean about the dot being useful!


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