Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Linda Nova Progress

After having this WIP around for months - my first blog post about it was in July 2017 - okay years, I have completed English paper piecing the center medallion. It measures 56" across and is meant to be appliquéd to a 60" square background. That's the next decision I have to make - what fabric to choose as background.

Technically, this pattern is Tula Nova (in case you're looking for it), and it's available as a kit with Tula Pink fabrics. But I renamed it Linda Nova because there isn't a single Tula fabric in it. I'm not a fan of her fabrics, so went to my fabric stash to come up with everything that's in this medallion.

I'm terribly pleased that it's finished because I like it! But I'm not so happy about no longer having a traveling handwork project. It's probably time to pull out the Prudence Quilt pattern, template and papers that I recently won in an Instagram giveaway.

I was able to finish the Linda Nova medallion yesterday because I'm on a "no sewing machine" restriction until next week. On Monday, I had an arterial angiogram because of PAD (peripheral artery disease). During an hour-long procedure, the doc went into my leg through the top of my foot to removed scar tissue around my femoral stent, a blood clot inside the stent, and withdraw excess plaque. As I'm recuperating (walking a little hobbily), I may not use the sewing machine, or exercise. Nonetheless, I'm extremely grateful for advanced medical technology that allows for these types of procedures. I cannot imagine what would become of my leg without this intervention.

With down time, I've been editing chapters of my Dad's autobiography. We're through chapter 18. And, I'm attempting to design a quilt or two on EQ8. Though I've spent several hours at it, nothing resembling a quilt is forthcoming. In spite of having this marvelous software program, it doesn't help produce ideas! Can I say how envious I am of quilters who so easily seem to produce quilt designs right and left?

I'm looking for a design in which to use these fabrics for the QuiltCon Me & You Indah Batik challenge. I do not like batiks, but when I saw the white print with black palms, I bought yardage right away!

Last week my iron died (the aqua T-Fal on the left). That iron was great, and lasted about 11 years. I figure that it helped me make at least 100 quilts - likely more - so I didn't hesitate to order another one. The new one on the right is model FV4017, and I paid only $40 for it. The in-store pick-up thing with Home Depot worked great. If you need a new iron, here's where to compare T-Fal models.
The only reason I didn't select the top-of-the-line model is that it's black!  I prefer teal. 😀

While finished up Linda Nova, I completed another audiobook. This one gets high marks! 
"The Gown," by Jennifer Robson is about two hand embroiders who in the late 1940s work for Norman Hartnell, a London custom clothing shop. British-born Ann, and new-to-London Miriam, from France, meet and forge a friendship that takes them through remembrances of war, meeting young men, and their experiences working at Hartnell's, embroidering and appliquéing the Princess Elizabeth's (later Queen Elizabeth) wedding gown, worn in 1947 when she married Philip Mountbatten. The story unfolds as Ann's Canadian granddaughter, Heather, searches the past to learn her grandmother's secrets. 

Linda's Score: 4.9/5.0



  1. your projects is beautiful. I love the fabrics you used. I do not like Tula Pink fabrics either. I only have one small piece of the kitty fabric from Tabby Road. I will make a skirt for my grand girls.... for dress up. haha
    I really like your quilt. Sometimes things like this take time. This would be one project I would get a little obsessive about.
    I am happy that you got an iron that you like. I like flat irons that do not get a lot of crud stuck on it. cleaning my iron is always an unpleasant task using goo gone and alcohol. Anyway I need a new iron. I have a rowenta. It is made in Cheena (that is what hubbs and I call China) and the more expensive rowenta is made in Germany. I want that one. One day....
    I need to get that book and listen to it.... I think my "libarry" might have it haha😂
    Have a nice rest of the week. I hope you recover smoothly and comfy and feel perky and able to perk around very soon

    1. This is the one I want 🤩

  2. Oh, I love your rainbow kaleidoscope medallion! What a feat of patience, something I'm rather short on it seems! Take plenty of time to recover, I'm glad the medical technology of today made these procedures possible and that you're well on the road to recovery. Do you need to make a large quilt for the Indah batik challenge? I see those fabrics as perfect for patio table placemats or cushions.

  3. I cannot believe that medallion! Really really wonderful!

  4. It’s totally amazing! I can’t believe it’s so big in real life! You’ll choose just the right background for it because that’s who you are. In the meantime, rest up and follow the doctor’s orders to a tee!

  5. I just love your Linda Nova. Can't wait to see what background you choose. Also glad to know you're on the mend and pray for a complete and lasting recovery.


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