Friday, June 14, 2019

Presentation, and Quilting

On Monday I visited the 126-member Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Brandon, in Brandon, Florida near Tampa, about 90 minutes from me. I was invited to join seven of them for a restaurant dinner, followed by their meeting that began at 7 pm. Sixty-seven members were in attendance.

I had a good time sharing my Powerpoint presentation with tips and suggestions about domestic machine quilting, followed by a trunk show of ten quilts. Piecemakers quilters were an attentive group, and asked good questions afterward.

At home I've been practicing what I preach - domestic machine quilting. Quilting is all I've done this week as set myself to finish quilting this "Ring Me" quilt. I'm still calling it Ring Me for want of a better name, but it is an adaptation of Amanda Jean Nyberg's quilt in her book No Scrap Left Behind.

Mine has now been washed to remove any residual purple disappearing ink.

I was dismayed to see that a couple fabrics bled in spite of the fact that I pre-wash all my fabrics, and a color catcher was in the wash.

These may have been some bits of hand-dyed fabrics I bought many years ago. All I can do is shrug my shoulders. This quilt doesn't have a home to go to so it really doesn't matter.

I've been auditioning bindings and expect to finish that task in time for Show and Tell at Monday's Central Florida MQG meeting. The middle one might be selected.

Since finishing the quilting on Ring Me, I've moved on to quilting my selvage/selvedge quilt. I used my clear acrylic sheet and dry erase markers to try on different designs, and settled on this one. I'll use an arc ruler for ruler quilting.

I will machine quilt through the pinwheel and selvages with a 90 needle and 50-weight Aurifil thread, changing thread colors to match selvage units.

I finished listening to another book. The audiobook reader, Erin Bennett, was excellent! The Winemakers by Jan Moran follows a romantic plot to uncover family secrets a wine-making mother has kept from her daughter, Carina Rosetta. A present-day (1956) trip to Italy by Carina helps her begin unearthing truths that must be faced at Mille Étoile  her mother's Napa winery. The part of this book I most enjoyed was authentic winery, grape-growing, wine-blending, and wine-tasting descriptions. I wanted to believe that Mille Étoile was a real winery I could visit. Linda's Score: 3.8/5.

This week I walked Hogan near a neighborhood pond and saw this four to five foot-long alligator. Everyone says that every Florida body of water contains an alligator (or more), and it's true!


Bernie Kringel said...

Hi there! I so love your ring me quilt. I have one half way done - I hope to get back to it at some point. Love the variations you did with yours. It is gorgeous. I am sure Amanda would think so as well!
I read back a few posts too - It is great seeing your updates on what you are teaching and what books you are listening to. I also use audio books quite a bit while sewing. I wrote a few of yours down - the thriller you mentioned and the winery book. My son and his wife both work for Gallo Wine in central CA so this will be a fun read for me. As far as the fall off of blogging, it makes me sad as well. I certainly post much less than I once did (usually once a week) It is time consuming. But when I have time in the morning, I really enjoy a cup of coffee and catching up on what people are working on. I am curious to see what you decide... Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

Ring Me is a gorgeous quilt! And the quilting is amazing! I’m sorry about the fabric bleed. Ugh.

Debbie said...

Glad you are making such good progress quilting. Bummed about the the fabric bleeding tho - frustrating.
Glad you had a good trunk show - I have one of my own this week!

Susan Snooks said...

What a shame about the dye running ....! Maybe it would come out if you washed the quilt again? And have you changed your mind about hand quilting the selvedge quilt? The design you have chosen looks very interesting though.

Deb said...

I'm sure the guild enjoyed your presentation and came away with some great ideas. As I've mentioned to you before, I just love the selvage quilt. I've been seeing more of them and am now sorry that I didn't keep selvages before. I will now!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

You are on a roll . . . the circle quilting really enhances the Ring Me top. I can't believe you did all those circles free motion. They look pretty darn round to me. Sorry about the bleeding though. Enjoy the selvage quilting. Looks to be another good design. Have a fun weekend and stay away from the gators.

FlourishingPalms said...

Ooo Michelle. You're a "no-reply commenter," so I can't email you a response. But thank you for your compliment! Honestly though, the quilting on Ring Me really isn't "amazing." The quilting has its share of bobbles and mis-steps, but IMHO, those just add character. :-) Anyway, even with the dye stains, I'm can't be too concerned because the quilt isn't meant for show. I just hope I can find a home for it someday. Thanks for your comment!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Have you ever tried Retayne? I've never had a fabric bleed including the red and white quilt I gave my sister (I do not prewash). It is supposed to set the fabric dye so it does not bleed.

I love your Ring Me quilt!

KaHolly said...

That’s quite an audience, Linda! Glad it was worth your while to make the trip. I’m sure the ladies in attendance were enthralled. Was it difficult to choose only ten quilts to take with you? I’m betting it was fun putting together a power point presentation. Ring Me looks fabulous. I can’t believe what a perfect choice concentric circles were for this quilt. I had a little bleed in a few spots on a small quilt I was donating last winter. I dabbed Dawn on all the spots and ran it back through the washing machine. At that point, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. It came out perfect! I am looking forward to seeing your selvedge upon completion. What fun seeing an alligator on your walk!

OPQuilt said...

Love getting a recap of your Guild visit, so thank you for sharing that. 90 minutes! I have a few commutes like that one lined up for next year.
I also love your Ring Me top, and think the quilting you chose is perfect for that. Sorry about the bleeding--I have one I'm throwing in the washer tomorrow and wonder how many of those older fabrics will bleed (scary face).


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