Sunday, July 15, 2018

One More Excitement

Amongst the activities generated by showing and sharing the "Owl Always Love You" quilt, and the home made decor at the ELC, one more exciting thing happened last week. This arrived in the mail: Curated Quilts, the triangles issue

It contains two of my contributions: an article I wrote called "An Inclination for Triangles," and the Triangle challenge quilt I made that was selected to appear in the Gallery section of the magazine.

What a surprise to see my name on the cover! Goodness! That's never happened before.

Holding the magazine for the first time, I noticed how sturdy it is. It's not the usual flimsy, glossy paper you'd find in a traditional magazine. These pages are more like a light-weight card stock. And of course with no advertising, the content quantity is great! It has at least a few hours worth of reading and looking. And quilt patterns! I understand why a single copy is $18. Go here for more information. 

For the contributors page, it looks like they lifted my headshot from my Google account.

My article begins on page 26. I like how the text was formatted into a triangular shape.

Pages 28-29. I collected all the quilt photos to accompany the article, and want to thank everyone who signed a permission-to-use form so their quilt could be included.

And pages 30-31. As you can see on the left-hand pages, the quilt pictures were cropped into triangles too.

My mini quilt, "Always Add Orange," appears on page 77. For this triangle challenge, we had to use fabrics in a color palette determined by Curated Quilts. 

I'm happy to see my friend Paige's (QuiltedBlooms) mini, "Research Triangle," opposite mine.

"Always Add Orange," 15" X 15"
Though I made and submitted a mini quilt for the next issue of Curated Quilts - an improv style mini  with the theme Connections - "Splices" was not accepted for publication.
"Splices," 14-12/" X 14-1/2"
This just makes me more grateful to have gotten "Always Add Orange" into the current issue.

All in all, I'm pretty happy about everything that happened this past week.

The icing on the cake is that since May 21, when I went off Arimidex (breast cancer drug) hot flashes are slowly declining. Lately I've had only one or two a day, and they're much less intense than they once were. Whoopee! And, I've lost ten pounds, though that's been all about commitment and determination to lose it. It sure feels great. Clothes-wise, I feel like I'm back into a "new" wardrobe!

Life is good. God is good! Linda


  1. Wonderful. I love seeing the issue of CQ thru your eyes. ;-)

  2. Congratulations on all your wonderful achievements over the last week or so, Linda. You deserve all the acclamation! Hugs, Val

  3. Can’t wait to read this issue, especially your article. Hopefully, it will be in Monday’s mail.

  4. Congratulations! That’s wonderful news!! The layout looks realllly nice 😀
    I’m shocked that Splices was not accepted; what a travesty! I still love it to pieces😉

  5. I can't wait to sit down and read your triangle article! It's so interesting to see all the creative interpretations of the given theme in the mini challenges. And, that is so fun that we are side by side! 10 pounds, wow, I didn't think you needed to lose any!

  6. Congrats all around Linda! Well done. You've certainly accomplished a lot just lately, but then again, you are always so productive. Look forward to seeing what comes next from you. It's always inspiring.

  7. Congratulations! It is always like a sweet reward to see publication of quilts, and you've earned it. I love that you also wrote an article, and how fun to see it in that triangle shape! Your quilt is terrific--woohoo!!

  8. Congratulations again Linda on your magazine publication! You certainly should be proud of the article and the mini "Always Add Orange" quilt! Three cheers from down under!

  9. Congratulations on your article. Very exciting!

  10. Oh you clever girl Linda. Congratulations what a wonderful achievement. I just wish I could get your magazine here, but to have it sent would probably cost around $50 NZ. postage makes it prohibitive. Ill have to see if any shops in NZ sell it.


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