Thursday, February 22, 2018

Progress, a Near Finish, and More

Year of Scrappy Triangles
This post is my link-up to SewnbyLeila's post for the Year of Scrappy Triangles. I've now made all 20 foundation paper-pieced blocks (plus one bonus block for newsletter subscribers) that she has given away on her blog. Since this will eventually be a whole year's worth of scrappy triangles, that means we have 32 more blocks to make. Unlike many other quilters who are making multiples of each block, I've been making only one.

If the photo above looks familiar, that's because it's almost like the one in my last post. The only difference is the block in the lower right corner (see below). It's the 20th block that I made to complete Leila's challenge to us. 

Since I won Leila's January giveaway of fat quarters - for those who had made the first nine blocks - I'm sure I won't win again. But, this is a reason to maintain the weekly pace.

On my Janome 1600P, this week I quilted Slopes. After considering many possible quilting designs, I knew that whatever I quilted wouldn't be very visible - lots of busy-ness already with all those prints and colors - so I decided to walking foot quilt it with trips of wavy lines back and forth across the width. Basically, it's quilting to hold the whole thing together.

My only concession to the quilt top was to coordinate the top thread colors. I used each of these Aurifil 50-weight threads on the top, with white on the bottom.

And let me reiterated how much I enjoyed using homemade basting spray! No pins! The spray works so nicely with cotton batting.

Scrappy binding is machine sewn to the quilt front, so hand-sewing to the back is next. I'm not happy about having to wash every quilt when it's done, but that's the trade-off for using homemade spray. The mixture shouldn't be left in the quilt to attract bugs or grow mold.

Quilting this was easier than anything I've quilted for a long time.

Pre-Washing Solids
I also want to reiterate how much I like Painter's Palette Solids! I had a couple of fat quarter bundles that needed washing, so yesterday I sorted the colors and put all the darker hues into the washing machine, along with a color catcher. See that white color catcher after the fabrics were washed? That's right! Not one bit of color bled out! Paintbrush Studios is doing something right with their fabrics!

I sure can't praise other brands of solid fabrics like this! Kaufman Kona is the brand I've had the most problems with in the past. As proof, in April 2016 I took this picture of color catchers used with Kona. See the aqua and yellow in the catchers?

Though I do have quite a bit of Kona in my stash, my plan is to stay with Painter's Palette as much as possible.

A Special Quilter
I've gotta point the spotlight on my blogger-friend, Karen (KaHolly), a quilter with an extremely generous heart. Last year, after Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston, she wanted to help an outlying pet farm. She did so by requesting fabric dog blocks for her birthday. I made several and sent them to her in Texas.

Karen and her daughter Kirsten went to work, putting together the blocks, sandwiching quilts, quilting, and binding. Karen wrote a lovely blog post about delivering the quilts. It's heart-warming to see how quilters find ways to let others know "I care."
QuiltCon 2018 in Pasadena
While I am wishing I was at QuiltCon in Pasadena right now (February 22-25) - my Aussie friend, Di, who visited me last year at this time, is at QuiltCon! - it helps being able to see these winning quilt. I'm proud that I know several of the quilters who won: Anne Sullivan (Playcrafts) and Debra Jalbert (MadeofHonor) from the Orlando MQG, Charlotte Knoll (Kirkenoll) from the South Florida MQG, and friend Paige Alexander (QuiltedBlooms).

Seeing these quilts is a good reminder that a modern quilt doesn't necessarily have to be intricate to win a prize. Stephanie won $5000 for this Best in Show!
QuiltCon 2018 Best in Show: "Going Up", 52" X 64" by Stephanie Skardal
Dan and I are still enjoying watching Olympic curling. While we were disappointed that the US Women's Curling team didn't make it to the semi-finals, we've been happy about the impressive come-back of the US Men's team, winning four games in a row to make it to the finals! I'll be at the Central Florida MQG Sew-In on Saturday when the gold-medal game is played between the US or Sweden. Go USA!  Linda


Quilting Babcia said...

I'm going to enjoy watching your scrappy triangles progress! They look like great fun, and would make a great table topper to go with your Fiesta dinnerware. I will definitely keep Painters Palette in mind when I need additional solids. Thanks for sharing that information!

Nancy said...

What is it about those scrappy triangles that is so appealing?? They just are- so colorful and varied. Lots of good info in your post. We haven't watched as much of the Olympics this time- I guess the time delay. I recorded the women's skating as it went quite late last night- so I'm hoping for no "spoiler" headline or news story so I can watch it and not know who wins!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I'd love to play in your studio. It's so full of COLOR and wonderful quilty things . . . like finished quilts. I'm trying to get better at finishing.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

I love your quilts.
I am so glad the olympics is almost over. Hubbs and I do not usually watch so much tv🙃😂

Lynette said...

That's good to know about the Painter's Palette solids - I'll start getting those instead, now.

Bluebell Ridge Handworks said...

Wow those scrappy triangles are fun! You've got a several great projects going on right now Linda :o)

OPQuilt said...

What a fun post. It's lovely to read this and realize that there is life after the buzz of QuiltCon. I'm in complete agreement with you about how terrific Painter's Palette Solids are--I love them! Glad you are making good progress on your projects. Thanks for posting about them--I love reading your blog.


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