Saturday, February 17, 2018

Fly By

Once again the week flew by in a flurry of activities. Happily, via the golf cart I was able to enjoy the gorgeous weather we've been having that has been cool at night, and very warm during the day.

For instance, on Thursday I carted to line dancing at 7:10 am, then carted to Panera Bread for a Central Florida MQG executive committee meeting, and then carted to another rec center where I ate a light lunch while sitting in the golf cart before heading in to Ukulele Players Club! By 2:45 I carted home again. It was a lovely day.

Or maybe it has seemed busy due to so much TV-watching. Curling must be watched! Of course! This past week there was even more of it to see as both the men's and women's teams started round robins - ten teams playing one another with ten ends to each match.

I've been trying to not completely waste that time though, and have again picked up crochet to occupy my hands. This is the 2017 "Moorland Blanket" designed as a crochet-along by Lucy (Attic24). I changed-up her colors to those I consider more Florida-like. I'm about a third of the way through.

I have to say that I really like the colors, though I haven't yet used all of them in the piece. Even though I've had to un-crochet a few times because I've mis-hooked the pattern, I do love those ripples. Looks like I should take some time to bury tails again. 

When I'm not watching TV, I've taken snatches of time to be at my Bernina, catching up on two quilt alongs (QAL) begun in 2017.

This week, for the Bernina Zen Chic Triangle QAL I made these appliquéd blocks using my punch color - fuchsia. Otherwise, all the triangles are jade- and teal-colored prints.

Last night I completed the last of 12 different blocks to make a total of 66 triangles.

I'm happy to be finished making triangles and am looking forward to Brigitte's (ZenChicModa) instructions for putting the quilt top together.

Leila's "Year of Scrappy Triangles" QAL continues. All the blocks are foundation paper-pieced. This week I completed blocks 13 through 19.

Along with the bonus block, I now have 20 blocks. Only 32 more to go!

I like the chevron layout and am thinking that to end up with a larger quilt - all the blocks are 6" X 6" - I'll make 52 half-square triangles with a combo of solid gray and text print. I'll have to try it out, but alternating plain half-square triangle blocks with these might create a nice, contrasting restfulness against the busy-ness of the pieced triangles.

This morning we went to the Farmer's Market, as we do every Saturday morning to stock up on a week's worth of veggies for daily juicing, and for Hogan (the dog). He gets all the green beans, and some of the carrots. The bounty was so pretty this morning! That's $35.50 worth of vegetables. I always include turmeric root in our juice as it's purportedly beneficial for preventing tumors.

The only negative about so much goodness is washing, cutting, and putting away everything. That usually takes a couple hours, so I'm not in my sewing room until noon.

But the pay-off is worth it. And, Hogan loves me even more. 😍 Linda


  1. How fun to have a cart to get you round! I think I need one on my school campus as a run from one classroom to another over various levels..up and down stairs all the day! Sitting on the couch with your crochet looks like a great way to spend your afternoon! It is looking very pretty!

  2. This is a great wonderful weekly report.
    I love your blocks, and that crochet thing is crazy wonderful.
    Hubbs and I watched a lot of olympics and honestly, I am done. As a former figure skater (12 years) I am tired of ice being abused with brooms and clap skates. haha just kidding. hockey, I am tired of hockey though.
    I do not have a golf cart, that must be a fun way to get around town. Enjoy your weather Here, it is just cold and rainy with a side dish of snow. Not bad though.
    Stay healthy dear ❤️

  3. Love all the colors in your blog today.....even the veggies carried the color.

  4. What fun times. We've really been enjoying watching the Olympics too. In fact we're watching right now!

  5. A colorful post! your crochet afghan is so pretty and a good way to keep your hands occupied while tv watching. The weather has been lovely, and the golf cart is a stree-free mode of transportation. Your day was certainly packed full of fun things!

  6. The image of you carting all around makes me smile. Seems you've found a good way to enjoy the olympics and be productive at the same time. I'm not doing so well in the productivity department but then we've had company on and off since the beginning of the month. At least that's my excuse.

  7. Oh, my goodness, LINDA, there’s just no keeping up with you! I’m stunned by your projects! I love Attic24!

  8. How fun to be carting to activities. I love your Zen triangles and your Florida themed ripple crochet. And, I am a tad bit jealous of your veggie bounty! The tomatoes still taste like cardboard here in Wyoming! Thanks for the fun update!



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