Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Scraps of Life

I appreciate everyone's comments, and a few suggestions about the edge of the Janome throat plate being a deterrent to smooth quilting using a ruler. Thanks to a long-time quilter, and new(er) friend, Judi, I have a fix! 

It was as easy as removing the thick throat plate, and putting back on the regular throat plate! 

The thickness that caused the lip is no longer there.  

And, by dialing down the stitch length to zero, there is no interference from the feed dogs while quilting with or without a ruler!

Here's my test quilting - straight lines with a ruler, and then without a ruler. It doesn't look like much, but it quilted very well. An easy fix. If only all of life were that simple.

After many weeks of working on and off on a pattern for Florida, I had it printed over the weekend.   

I spent quite a while machine-sewing the pages into a booklet (rather than use staples), and putting each into a plastic bag.

My best intentions for a perfect pattern went awry when it was brought to my attention that I'd neglected to include binding yardage on the back cover. Sigh. Well, at least the information is there, even if it doesn't look very pretty.

On a happier note... Even though I had to miss the Central Florida MQG annual quilt retreat (we were in Kansas City), I have some wonderful friends who let me know I was missed. A friend, Karen T., gave a little presentation telling me that I am appreciated, have taught them a lot, and I was missed at retreat. She then handed me a bag of goodies:
  • a green cupcake that I am assured has "fiber"
  • MQG koozie that snuggles around a glass of Lutheran "juice," permitted at the retreat center
  • an iPad or iPhone holder made with Central Florida MQG fabric from Spoonflower
  • Cbubbles Soaps awesome homemade soap with lemongrass, spearmint, coconut, palm, and soy
  • Velcro-backed pin cushion, for the sewing machine, made with Central Florida MQG fabric
  • a pin, a chocolate, and microwave popcorn
Thank you, Karen, Cindy, and Dee for making these things! You know how to make a quilter feel special!

I've added to our place settings of Fiestaware through another Macy's sale - 50 percent off! We have ten fruit bowls now. I put one to use right away with vanilla yogurt and fresh Florida blueberries.

"Urban Trek" at 62" X 77" is a quilt top. The design is by Heather Black (Quiltachusetts on IG) from the March/April issue of Modern Patchwork magazine. I'm very happy with the Kona solids I picked: Iron, Cerise, Glacier, Pond, and Sunflower. Quilting design options should be fun!

With Urban Trek ready for quilting, I now have four quilt tops to finish into quilts. My summer resolution is to get all four quilt tops quilted before beginning any new pieced project. Though I will take WIP pieced projects with me when I'm away from home - like when I'm with Big Cypress Quilters, or Central Florida MQGers at Sew-Ins - at home sewing room time is this.

I don't particularly like this quilt which has a sort of space-y, orbit-y feel to it. I'm quilting blob-ish designs that really mean "anything goes." When this quilt is done, it's going directly to Project Linus. I'm hoping some teen will think it's great.

Recently, I've been communicating with two different quilt guilds to give a domestic machine quilting presentation and workshop in August and September. (See "Teaching Schedule" above, if you'd like to know more.) Surprisingly, both guilds have already filled a 20-person workshop, and both guilds are trying to make arrangements for workshop number two! I'm honored, and thrilled, especially as I've missing teaching lately.

My ukulele is still my go-to pick-up toy for engaging in something different. Perhaps I'm playing it too much though as I've developed soreness in my left wrist from trying to make my fingers form difficult chords like D, E, and B-flat. Maybe practicing for an hour or more at a time isn't the best way to go about learning. Shorter practices with FMQ in between is my new plan. Linda


  1. Yes, break the ukulele up with FMQ! Sounds like the perfect combination! I love "Urban Trek". I look forward to seeing how you quilt it- no doubt it will be brilliant!

  2. So glad you got the throat plate issue resolved! I have yet to give ruler foot quilting a go! Congrats on filling the class! If I were closer, I know I would benefit!

  3. Good news all around in this post, from throat plate issues solved to teaching to lots of FMQ awaiting you. What a great post!

  4. Good for you! I thought you had zero interest in writing a pattern for your Florida quilt! There must have been quite a lot of interest, eh?

  5. This post makes me happy for you for so many reasons. Firstly I'm happy you found such a simple solution to the ruler foot issue (I knew there had to be one). I'm pleased, too, that you've finally been able to find a way forward to offer your Florida pattern for sale. Finally, I'm really glad you didn't have to miss out on all those goodies the other Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild gals received at the retreat. How generous of those makers to produce such sweet gifts for everyone. What a special bunch you ALL are!

  6. Congratulations on getting your Florida quilt written up into ampattern and printed! What a clever idea to sew the pages together! Glad you solved your throats plate issue. I did a ruler work tutorial-a-long with Living Water Quilter and had so much fun! I'd love to take one of your FMQ workshops! Have lots of fun! 20 is a lot of students at once! Hope you have a good helper! XO

  7. That's a bummer about the binding yardage being left out, but I love the personal touch of it penned in. :) Good to see you getting back into teaching, and nice to have that resolution for the bump issue in ruler work! That quilt looks like a teen will definitely enjoy it.


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