Friday, May 19, 2017

Mother's Day Revisited

Many things make it attractive to visit Kansas City, not the least of which is spending time with family. But another treat is getting to worship at Methodist Church of the Resurrection. It's even more special to me now as we continue to live in our Florida community without a church home. Though we worship every week, and lately it's most often Baptist, no church is "home." During the past five years we've attended 12 different churches of a variety of denominations, and mostly because each of them has "rules" for membership we haven't joined any. I deeply miss my Lutheran heritage, and in particular, Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines, Iowa. Since both Hope and Resurrection are considered mega-churches, being able to attend Methodist Church of the Resurrection felt almost like home. 

Since April 1, the congregation in Leawood, Kansas, has been worshipping in a new sanctuary that is absolutely stunning. The stained glass above the altar, music and choir loft, is breathtaking, and has the notable distinction of being the world's largest stained glass window. You can see more pictures here. And here's a great video of it. 

Pastor Adam Hamilton's current sermon series is real, and so relevant to our current culture! I wish I could attend next week to hear more. 

Because we worshipped on Mother's Day, we were treated to a beautiful vocal duet by this mother-daughter team. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the sanctuary. 

When worship is a joy, it's almost like a drug... I crave more of the Lord and that his goodness will permeate my life. That's the kind of spirit-filling church experience that continues to elude me living here in Florida.

Mother's Day afternoon found Jill and me shopping at an Overland Park Bed, Bath and Beyond store. She found these seasonings and gifted them to me. I'm the biggest fan of popcorn (often for dinner), and like it best with spray almost-butter, salt, and white cheddar seasoning. Our local BBandB doesn't stock the seasoning year 'round, but the store in KC does! Yay!

Through Instagram I received a message from @Macys asking if I would give permission for the Fiestaware photo in my IG feed to possibly be used in a Macy's ad or marketing material. No compensation. Heck. Why not? I did buy all the pieces from Macy's. If you ever come across this picture in Macy's marketing material, please let me know!

A happy announcement popped up in email while I was away. Three on-staff quilters in the Modern Quilt Guild have put together a picture book (no patterns) of modern quilts made by 236 quilters.

My "Lime 'n Luxe" quilt is in the book. (I signed a contract in January.) This quilt was my one accepted entry into QuiltCon 2017 in Savannah.

35" X 35"
There's no compensation for being included in the book...  except for the honor (and it is) and being able to buy the book at half price! Ha! "Modern Quilts: Designs of the New Century" can be preordered, and will be released in December. Linda


  1. What fun things have been happening to you Linda- possibly be included in a Macy's catalogue and an inclusion in a book! Of course you deserve reimbursement!

  2. I wonder if Macy realizes that your placemats play an important part in making the Fiesta ware so inviting--are they going to acknowledge your handwork. I wouldn't be surprised if buyers are going to be looking for the placemats at Macy's. I loved reading your vacation posts.

  3. Enjoyed your post! Crazy about Macy's but definitely - why not!?

  4. Great news on all your recognitions!
    But I have to admit I love the story of your worship experience the best. So glad it was fulfilling and uplifting!

  5. What a beautiful church. I love church. It is fuel to take me through the week.
    Macy's is so cool. They should send you some free dishes hahaha
    I love this quilt and you can be super proud of it. Now you are famous in history

  6. What a wonderful picture of the stain glass window at the Methodist church. That is beautiful. You are so deserving of all the attention you are receiving with your quilts and creative sewing. I want to make some of those placements that you showed with your dishes, even though I don't have one piece of Fiestaware. The other problem is I do not have that many solid fabrics in such pretty colors. You deserve all the attention.

  7. Wow, Linda, such a fun post to read (better late than never!). So pleased your beautiful work is being recognized! By Macy's, even! Quite an honor!

  8. I say this with absolutely judgement, but you need to find a home church! I couldn't survive without my church family.


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