Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Usual

The usual activities are: practicing my ukulele, line dancing, walking, trying a new-to-me class called "Dance Workout" (still need to do rigorous exercise to keep my leg arteries flowing), giving a color presentation to 35 quilters who attended our Central Florida MQG meeting, sewing with Big Cypress Quilters, puttering in my sewing room, and online shopping.

On April 3 I came across a Macy's 24-hour online sale of household items - 40% off! Since I've been wanting to replace our tired and missing-a-few-pieces burgundy stoneware, I couldn't pass up the chance to get Fiestaware for a great price! I ordered plates and bowls for ten, and serving platters and serving bowls from open stock. The bundled place settings included either a mug or coffee cups, something I already have in abundance. Besides, I wanted a variety of colors. I got 'em!

Except for two pieces I chose in cobalt blue that are a little on the dark side, I'm all heart-eyes over these. I even wish I'd chosen a couple more pieces in the bright colors of poppy and shamrock... a reason to add more pieces later.

The order came in four separate deliveries. Due to two seagrass-colored sandwich plates being placed inside one bowl, I found both plates broken. Macy's is sending two replacements.

Last Saturday night, Celina, our 18 year-old granddaughter, went to Senior Prom with a group of girls. She's grown up, and looked so pretty in her gown. Six year-old Aesa presented her with a corsage. Good practice for what's ahead for him in another decade or so.

Some of you who have known me, and read my blog for a long time will remember when Celina joined our family in 2007 at the age of eight. Here's a throwback post to when Celina was little and they lived in Australia.

Celina will graduate from a Kansas City high school in May. I made this 14" X 14" pillow to gift her because she likes hedgehogs. Hazel Hedgehog is a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. Given that I had to cut out, sew, and trim that face wrongly three times - one of those days where I couldn't get anything right - I think Hazel turned out pretty good. The addition of the glasses makes her look studiously appropriate for a Colorado State college-bound girl - green is a school color. Quilted clamshells were stitched with Wonderful Invisifil thread following half round guidelines I drew around a circular ruler.

I'm still unable to share the small, solids quilt I'm making for the Central Florida MQG challenge, but I can show the puttering I'm doing on something else. I'm cutting up scraps in preparation for making "Slopes" from Amanda Jean Nyberg's (CrazyMomQuilts) new book No Scrap Left Behind. Yep, I'm gonna try making it from prints rather than solids. I'm pulling out each of my color-sorted scrap bins to cut pieces for that quilt, and to add to my scrappy piles of 1-1/2" X 1-1/2" squares, and 2-1/2" X 2-1/2" squares. It's the sort of mindless sewing room activity that's a nice break from thinking too much! 😀

Another Hogan update: he continues to do well, though he has gained weight. We're trying to cut back, so besides dog food, we're giving him more low-cal food like fresh-cooked carrots and green beans, both of which he adores. Otherwise, we're forced to respond to his barking demands for food with a firm "no." It breaks my heart. And sadly, in the past few weeks we've noticed that he seems to be losing his hearing. He no longer runs to the door when the doorbell chimes, or the garage door opens. A friend asked me if Hogan enjoys my ukulele-playing, and I had to say, "I doubt it." Still, he's often my sewing room companion, which is also where I also practice uke. He can usually be found right there on the bench (batting is stored inside it) in the bay window.

I really appreciate having an attentive friend and companion with whom to share the usual. Linda


  1. The color of the broken plate was in the ICK quilt I told you about. Not my favorite color. I used to have brown hair, so darker greens look better on me.

  2. Hogan certainly looks very contented there.... I love the Hazel cushion, despite all the angst it caused! happy sewing!

  3. I do love your dishes. Makes me want new ones.

  4. I too, have Fiestaware. Thing is I collect it where as you are going to use yours. The lemongrass plates are par for the course from Macy's and their replacement is how they handle it. There are 34 colors in the P86 collection. Only 15 are currently fired. What this means is each year a color is retired and a new color is added. This year daffodil is the new color and should be in the stores and available from the factory the middle of June.

    Grand to hear about the other usual things.....

  5. I just love the new fiesta dishes. I have seen those around and they are colorful and happy. I do not have any. I do like that it is made in USA, right?
    Your pup Hogan is sweet. this picture reminds me of my adorable kitty boy Pierro. I miss him so much. I made him a bench in my sewing room that is also full of batting.
    Your grand daughters' skirt is beautiful. 16 is such a wonderful age.
    Your post is so full but I love all of your news. The pillow is so cute.
    I really enjoy reading around your pages here and there, well, when I have a minute
    Happy Easter

  6. You are certainly keeping yourself busy with the"usual" things. I like your hedgehog pillow (I see lots of her patterns around our local quilds too). I just made 2 'fancy fox' blocks for the next person in our rotation block exchange group. Your granddaughter's prom dress was very pretty. That looks like a more practical one that can be used later for other things just by slight modification, if she so chooses. Hogan looks so comfortable on his napping spot. Maybe he needs a new younger companion to play with and keep him active. Glad he still has a good appetite though.

  7. How is it possible that Celina is 18?! Love her prom dress! While I am no where near prudish, I do like that it's not overly mature for her.

    Fiesta Ware is so popular and is a brand that has been around forever. You'll love it!

  8. Celina is beautiful. She is going to love it at CSU. My granddaughter lives in Ft Collins and loves it. She did 1 year at CSU, but did not continue due to some health issues and some financial issues at the time. CSU is a great school.

  9. Hi Linda. Just reading your blog and do enjoy it. I read my first Outlander book in Australia and have read the whole series three times as well. Have it in hardback and on kindle. Have you pre-ordered her next one, number 9 I believe? I love the story, the history, but mostly Diana Gabaldon's exquisite writing.
    Happy to see your pooch is doing well. I hate seeing our loves age, though.
    Anxious to get back to Big Cypress, but fell and it kind of hurts to walk ����. Be well. Hi to all. Mary


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