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Bars Quilt With "Ick"

The winner of my giveaway of Printed Treasures from JHittleSewing is Dar at Yay, Dar!

Thank you, everyone who commented! I really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts and methods about making quilt labels. Many of you had good suggestions and information to share.

Today I have a finish. It's my Bars Quilt started during a February workshop with Tara Faughnan at QuiltCon. The half-day class was "Playing With Solids," and certainly satisfied my current interest in making quilts with solid colors. This is an area of quiltmaking I haven't yet explored in my 30-plus years of quilting! I'm discovering that I really like working with solids, and with so many brands and colors of solids available, making solids my focus during 2017 is really enjoyable.

What I learned as the workshop progressed is that I didn't have a good color assortment. Though I'd prepped 34 different colors of 5"-wide strips for the workshop, it soon became apparent that my color palette is heavy on bright colors like orange, yellow, aqua, lime. I needed to broaden my color palette to include dark blues, dark greens, dark reds, and - at Tara's suggestion - ochre! The latter is a color I wouldn't have thought to ever include in a quilt, but I was able to find all these missing colors while at QuiltCon. I bought Painter's Palette solids which was one of the few solids available from a QuiltCon vendor as yardage.

The addition of navy, burgundy, and forest, and ochre helps make my quilt successful.

By the way, that Painter's Palette fabric is nice stuff! The hand is great. I won't hesitate to buy it again.

I also have to tell you that toward the end of the workshop, I realized I hadn't chosen to include brown in any of the color pairs I'd selected. When another student asked Tara if it was okay to not include a color because "I don't like it," she said, "Yes, it's okay to have an 'ick' color." Good to know.

I quilted Bars on my Janome 1600P. Batting is Quilter's Dream Pink (the batting with a percentage of sales going to support breast cancer research). Extra fun was getting to try out Sew Steady Ruler Foot Echo Guides. Slip a guide onto a ruler foot to echo a certain distance from previous quilting lines. For only $10, you get three widths of these disks: 1/2", 3/4", and 1".
My echo guides came from RedThreadStudio at QuiltCon, but they aren't listed on the website. 😕

Quilting patterns are varied. I just made sure that each row of quilting was different than the row above or below it, alternating between curvy and straight-ish quilting. All threads used in the piecing and quilting are Aurifil 50-weight.

For binding, I couldn't settle on one color, so I used four! With my No-Tails Binding: Mitered Corners By Machine method, I could easily sew a different color to each of the four sides. There's that now-obligatory ochre again!

I love where I live!
Bars Quilt - 61" X 76"
And how did I back my quilt? When I was trying to decide if I had a piece of fabric large enough for backing, Tara's comment came back to me: "It's okay to have an 'ick' color." I thought, why not use my icky brown stash on the quilt back? And I decided that stating how much I dislike brown in my quilts - at least on the front of my quilts - would be even better.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with this quilt back! It literally says it all. I pieced the word using "Word Play Quilts" by Tonya Ricucci. It's one of the dozen or so quilting books I kept when we moved to Florida. I've used it several times since living here, so it's a book I won't soon part with.

If you're in the area, you might like to know that I'll be sharing and talking about this quilt at our Monday evening (April 10) Central Florida MQG meeting as I give a little talk called, "What I Learned About Color at QuiltCon." Please come! A visitor may attend one chapter meeting at no charge. Linda


  1. What a fun quilt and an even "funner" back. Did you have those browns in your stash? Love how this quilt turned out and I think it the end colour choices are really a personal preference. What might look fantastic to one person might look "ick" to the next. Of course there are some fundamental facts which have to be understood, but the rest is in the "eye of the beholder", so to say!

  2. Beautiful quilt with the ICK colors. My ick color is chartreuse green. We saw a bargello quilt made with different shade of that green and one of the ladies in the group said it looked like a stomach ache. Hope you weren't eating when you read this. Getting warmer in Iowa/

  3. What a nice post and a lovely quilt! I appreciated hearing what you've learned about color and got a kick out of your quilt back! ;-)

  4. I love how Color Bars turned out. The back is perfect and made me smile. I don't dislike brown but have very little in my stash. Like you I have mostly brights.

  5. You are funny..... would love to come here you speak.... FL is just a tad far for a meeting....

  6. Love the "ick" but really love the front! I do think your notes about adding colors not in our usual range is a good thing for us quilters to think about, as your quilt really does have such a rich look to it with those additions. So glad you like Painter's Palette--and what a beautiful quilt!

  7. Linda, you made my day!! I am thrilled to be your winner and can't wait for them to arrive. I have 3 quilts that are close to being finished and I'm totally out of labels, so this is perfect timing. Thank you SO MUCH for your giveaway and thanks also to J.Hittle Sewing for offering you the prize. I have used Printed Treasures a lot during my years of quilting and even bought them by the box (50 per box) when I made labels for all the QOV Eastern MO quilts for a few years. You can be an artist or a great calligrapher when you use these. They make you look like a pro and so easy too. Thank you again.

    Your Bars Quilt is my kind of quilt-- bright, bold and lots of saturated colors! No one will notice the back at all, but it is sure to bring a smile. Your shot of the quilt draped over the fence is perfect. I hear you and totally agree with your "ick" color. Wait until you see what I "MADE" myself do in order to use it. I had way too much in my stash and do not know where it came from. I certainly would not have bought it. Your little echo rings for your foot are similar to those that fit on a long arm hoping foot. They come in handing for echoing designs and your quilting looks great.

  8. What a fun backing! I wish I could sit in your lecture!🙂

  9. I love the quilt and the quilting.

  10. Congratulation on this quilt, great colors.

  11. I have to admit when I was browsing through the Bloglovin" bar and looking at posts to read, I originally zoomed passed yours probably because I saw the word "Ick" and then realized the second time it was your post. So, of course, I had to read it. What a great post, I'm not a fan of solids but might be inspired now to give solids a chance. Your quilting is wonderful, you can really see it on your icky back.

  12. Love it, Linda! The back is perfect! My echo Guides arrived in Maine as I was passing through! I'm pretty excited to try them out. Thanks for the heads up! XO

  13. I found your blog by way of the Michael Miller Lux Challenge.
    Is the Lime and Lux your creation?
    I read a couple of your blog entries.

    I like this quilt. I love colors.
    I will sub and hopefully get inspired.


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