Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Singin', Spacin', and Springin'

Continuing to share the things Di and I did...

Di went twice to the Ukulele Players Club. We went early so she could take a group beginner lesson using a loaner soprano ukulele. Basically, if you know the C, C7, F, and G7 chords, you can play a lot of tunes. This is what a playing session is like, usually with at least 100 people playing and singing.

These get-togethers remind me of going to Shakey's Pizza with my family. Anyone else have memories of eating pizza, and singing along to a bouncing ball on a word screen? I have always enjoyed the old songs, and I love to harmonize. Our Ukulele Players Club does "Waltzing Matilda" too.

When Di and I were in The Villages, these are some things we did:
  • Farmer's Market twice
  • worshipped twice
  • attended two Bible studies
  • visited Eisenhower Rec Center with its rooms of war memorabilia
  • visited Manatee Rec Center to see the manatee mural 
  • went to two squares for shopping, ate at World of Beer, and enjoyed evening live music and dancing. Di to line dance the Electric Slide!
She also made a second visit to Big Cypress Quilters. A few of the quilters brought along the pin cushions they'd finished after taking Di's lesson.

Here's Di wearing her adorable selvage skirt, in front of our could-grow-larger-than-we-imagine Bismarck palm.

On Monday, March 6, Dan, Di and I went to the Kennedy Space Center.

It had been decades since Dan and I had been there, so we were very impressed to see nice changes. It's a little more Disneyesque than it once was, but in a good way. 

We took the bus tour out to the Saturn V Center.

As before, we could see the launch pads...

... crawlers (to move the rockets)...

... and the buildings where the aerospace technology happens.

The IMAX documentary-type movies shown in two different theaters, are interesting and educational.

I was thoroughly amazed to learn that plans are being made to send a four to six person crew to Mars in the 2030s! It's estimated it will take a year for the astronauts to arrive on Mars, and that they will be gone for 3-1/2 years. I cannot imagine...  

On Wednesday, March 8, Di and I visited two quilt shops - the new Quilting Palette in Lady Lake; and Tomorrow's Treasures in Ocala. 

Then at my insistence, for a touch of old-timey nostalgia, we went to Silver Springs. As a child I remember my family vacationing (driving from Ohio) to Daytona Beach, and making side trips to other places, like Silver Springs and the glass bottom boats. Now the state of Florida owns Silver Springs, but it's still a pleasant place to pass a half day, for only $4 admission.  

Di and I did ride the glass-bottom boat.  

This wraps up only some of the things we did during the 30 days Di and I spent together - from February 11 through March 10. She's been blogging about our travels too, so don't miss her perspective on what we've done. You'll enjoy her humorous writing style, and fabulous photos. Believe it or not, most of the pictures were taken with her iPhone 7.

All the foods!
Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina

And more to come. Linda


  1. I almost feel like I've been the one on vacation with you, after all these wonderful posts! Such fun you've had and so many interesting things you've done. NThe one shot I did want to see was of your cool quilted ukulele case in action! Next time.

  2. More fun the both of you. She went back with such good memories. What is her blog address so I can enjoy her posts?

  3. More good photos of your fun with Di. You both are so photogenic and look great in the pictures. I know you gave her wonderful memories that she will cherish the rest of her life.

  4. Fun, fun, fun! The two of you make a perfect pair! Imagine living near each other! XO



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