Monday, March 13, 2017

QuiltCon East 2017 Lectures and Charity Quilts - Part 2

Of all the QuiltCon activities, I found the most value in the lectures I attended. While it was fun to attend the Awards Ceremony, and the MQG General Meeting was really informative, it's the instructors' lectures, with their visuals, that inspire me. A good lecture sticks with me because I've learned something!

This info was shared during the Awards Ceremony. I love stats like these!

More numbers from the MQG General Meeting:
11,620 members from all 50 states, 39 countries, and six continents
192 local chapters
3,896 individual members 

The list of 2016 programs and initiatives is impressive... a great reason to belong to the MQG.

As for the instructor lectures, these are the 12 I attended:
  • Panel: Stash Management - A great show of how four quilters store or pile their fabrics.

  • Improvise! Setting Limits to Find the Sweet Spot of Flow - Sherri Lynn Wood; California
  • Integrating Tradition - Heather Jones; Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Selecting Fabrics and Colors for Quilts - Elizabeth Hartman; Portland, Oregon
  • In Defense of WIPs and UFOs - Cheryl Arkison; Wisconsin
  • Social Media Photography - Christopher Thompson; New York City
  • Every Quilter is a Teacher - Angela Walters; Liberty, Missouri
  • I'm Stuck! Tips for Getting Out of a Creative Rut - Anna Boenish; Seattle, Washington
  • Zoom In: Making a Traditional Block Modern With Cropping and Scale - Riane Menardi; Des Moines, Iowa
  • You Are Creative - Anne Sullivan; Orlando, Florida
In my opinion, Anne's was the best lecture. As I've struggled to create original quilt designs, I've sensed she was talking directly to me - You are creative! This is the quote with the biggest take-away.

Since I've failed at attempts to make improv quilts (more than once!), permission to fail means I've learned. Whew! What a relief! Now I'm renewed with energy to try again.

So that this post isn't bereft of quilt pictures, these are a few of the many dozens of quilts submitted by MQG chapters for the Michael Miller Charity Quilt Challenge. Quilts were made by chapter members following the theme of scale and using a limited color palette. Finished quilts were sent to be displayed in the halls during QuiltCon (no awards given), and then returned to chapters to be donated to whatever charity each chapter chooses.
Austin MQG
Southern Appalachian MQG 
Bloomington MQG on the left; North Jersey MQG on the right
Lancaster MQG
Denver Metro MQG on the left; an Individual member's quilt on the right
Silicon Valley MQG on the left
Niagara MQG on the right
Calgary MQG
Boulder MQG
I'm partial to this one made by my own Central Florida MQG. It's called "Paradise Central." My role in it was making improv blocks, foundation paper-piecing one of the beach chairs, piecing the top, helping pin-baste, and quilting the water and sand. We don't yet know who will receive this quilt donation.

To see what I've learned about color, my next blog post is about my two QuiltCon Workshops. Linda


Oops-Lah said...

Can't wait to see how you are incorporating what you've learned into your next projects!

KaHolly said...

An encouraging and inspirational post, Linda. I'm looking forward to seeing what you learned in your workshops. I think color is what I struggle with the most. I love stats, too. Enjoy your week! XO

Lynette said...

oooo - yeah, I really love your guild's quilt! Something about it makes me think of a modern version of Flavin Glover's log cabin landscapes.

Debbie said...

linda, great overview. P.S. The quilt next to the one from N.J. is from the Bloomington MQG. I finally got to meet @hbeecook (Kathy), who is their pres. and a fellow IG friend.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Interesting to hear you would take only lectures the next time. I'm always impressed with people who can get up and talk in front of people with such ease. I really enjoyed the lectures I attended in Austin and had planned to do only the lectures this time if I had gone. One of our members who went said she would do only lectures next time too. Your charity quilt is so perfect for your Florida location. Love love those tiny beach chairs. Makes me want to go to the beach. : ) Thanks for featuring some of the other charity quilts too including the Boulder one which you know I was in charge of. I also played a very tiny part in the Denver Metro MQG one which is the quilt on the left in the 5th photo down. I think these charity quilts are always so amazing to see all grouped together. Common theme. Common colors. Yet all so different.

Dar said...

This is a very informative and fun read. Thanks for such a great overview. I too love to attend lectures at the quilt shows I've attended in the past, if there is time. Some friends from one of my guilds went to Quilt Con and were blown away with the quilts. They said it was a spectacular show.

mascanlon said...

I love seeing all the charity quilts Linda. All so different but all made from the heart. Looking forward to hearing more about your take aways the lectures. Thanks for writing it all up for us!

OPQuilt said...

I love the lectures, too! I think they are the hidden treasure of QuiltCon. I also try to take lectures from people who aren't about sewing (Bill Kerr is a fav) as it is good to get a new view of things. Yours all sounded wonderful. Glad you had a great time there--and lovely to see the charity quilts!

Debbie said...

oh I would have enjoyed hearing some of those lectures!


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