Monday, January 9, 2017

Week One of 2017

I've been comfortably settling into 2017 with sewing and a return to regular activities - line dancing, Big Cypress Quilters, and Bible study: Trials: Don't Resent Them as Intruders by Juanita Purcell. Tonight is the first 2017 Central Florida MQG meeting.

Piecing is complete for the scrappy Wiggle Me Colourful quilt. It took a lot longer to join all those rows - 33 of them - than I thought it would! Matching up Trying to match up every intersection of 33 seams can be a tedious process. But in the end, it's worth it. The top measures 57" X 66-1/2", and sandwiching will happen this week. Quilting will be simple. An all over design because anything fussy will be lost in the busy prints.

Last September I went through a process, trying to design a quilt top. Actually, I did so several times, quite unsuccessfully! This design was inspired by an image of "casino art" found on the Internet.

I played with a little transparency...

... rearranging...

...and tilting.

My thought was to design something modern and "out there." Well, it has a sort of space-y vibe, doesn't it? I have no idea what to call it!

Being (mostly) the kind of quilter who finishes what she starts, I've pin-basted, and begun quilting. In the aqua and white squares are free motion switchback designs. Quilted lines in the orange were done by ruler work.

This is how I've been sitting at my quilting machine. My friend, Dee, gave me a cell phone holder that she made of Blueberry Park fabric. I prop it on top of a sewing machine, plug in the headphones, and watch and listen to movies and series through the Starz app - Cinderella; Concussion; Fathers and Daughters; and Flesh and Bone. Truth be told, I mostly listen. And occasionally, glance. Funnily, I've found it keeps me quilting longer, as I stay put until the storyline reaches a good stopping place. Ha! Bonus!

This morning's view of Hogan made me chuckle. After his morning walking, I found him asleep on his pad (a favorite spot in the living room) with his head under the dry bar. He's done this before, but I've never seen him under all the way up to his shoulders! I wonder if he likes the coziness of it.

That dog. We love him to pieces. Health wise, he seems to be doing well but we're noticing a slight enlargement near the site of the December 31 (2015) surgery on his chest. The vet was unable to get clear margins through four layers of tissue, and we were told that soft tissue sarcoma is the sort that will return. We've had a wonderful year of spoiling him rotten - the reason for his weight gain - and have been surprised and grateful that he's still with us.

Last Thursday, at the urging of quilty friend Sarah, I did something new - I went to a ukulele club! About 130 people attended, with just a few of us ukulele-less. On the wall were projected words and chords of songs that everyone sang and played. How could anyone not be happy in such an environment?! Occasionally, a violinist and harmonic-player accompanied the ukuleles.

I think I smiled my way through the whole two hours - 45 minutes of playing; socializing; and ending with 45 minutes more playing. I'm looking forward to returning Thursday, a little early, to get a ukulele lesson on a loaner uke. I've been watching YouTube video ukulele lessons, so I hope I have a good first try.

Ah, this is one of the advantages of living in a retirement city - the opportunity to try, and participate in numerous activities at no charge. With more than 2000 clubs and activity groups in The Villages, I'll never be at a loss for something to do. In fact, I have the opposite problem - restricting myself. Otherwise I'd never be at home to sew! Linda


  1. Do you think that Hogan likes the feeling of the cool tiles under his chin? It seems he has the best of both worlds! "Wiggle Me" is looking fabulous!

  2. Shades of Arthur Godfrey - yep, I'm that old! Can't even begin to imagine 130 ukeleles! Your photo of the phone resting on the quilting machine really made me chuckle - a recipe for total disaster in machine quilting, that is if I had internet capable of streaming anything, lol! Ingenious!

  3. Linda, your're off to a good start for 2017! Enjoy seeing your progress on different projects!

  4. Wow! You got a lot done in a week! I love the circle quilt :-)

  5. The Wiggle quilt is so appealing! And so is your own design. I think you got modern and out there combined beautifully in it. I can listen to recorded books while I sew, but watching a video would be a bit too much multi-tasking for me. I'd either stop sewing to watch, or sew and fail to watch. But it's a good motivator for sticking with the task. The video would not play for me- said "private". hmmm- computers. I had a ukulele as a child and had lots of fun with it.

  6. You definitely succeeded on your modern looking quilt. I love it! I'm pretty traditional and would really like to have a go at doing something modern. Yours is great! My 18 year old daughter and her best friend both play the ukelele!

  7. I love your Wiggle Me Colourful quilt. That is so YOU. Funny how Hogan is hiding his head. Maybe he thinks you can't see him if he can't see you! lol
    One of my friends that lives in The Villages also plays the uke and was probably in that group. Her name is Jan Schuett and is tiny in stature like you. I will have her look for you at the next uke meeting. She has short sandy blonde/brown hair and smiles a lot. I know, that is not much of a description with 130 other people there. :) You are having lots of fun with all your projects.

  8. Looks like a fun sewing/movie setup. ;-) And yay for ukulele club! Love your casino art! ;-)

  9. So much to write about here, from the ukulele night (sounds really fun) to your modern quilt to that wonderful quilt at the top of the post. I really loved your cell phone holder. I find I need something to listen to to keep me at it as well, so I listen to books on tape. I, also, will keep going at it longer if the book is on the headphones (I tuck it in my pocket to keep it out of the way). I also loved the title of your Bible Study group. We'll all need to keep that idea in our minds as we start this new year. Hugs!

  10. I love your spacey quilt, whatever you call it!

  11. I love your wiggle me quilt and can't wait to see it finished. Same with the modern orange one. So fun!

  12. Such a great post! I love all the things that you do to stay busy! Line dancing, bible study, ukulele, quilting, loving your dog and so on! My family was concerned when we retired up here to NH (the opposite of the Villages!) but we have found so much to do that the kids have a hard time getting a hold of us sometimes! I do love the phone holder too!



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